Night In? Get To Know Your Galaxy S6

Updated August 03, 2015
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Staying in for the night? Watching a movie or connecting with friends on social media may be obvious choices for a night-in with your Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge or Galaxy S®6. Staying at home doesn't mean you have to be a home-body though. Explore some new features and apps to enjoy during your quality time tonight.


Let Your Food Be Mobile Instead

There's no need to get out of your PJs just because you're feeling hungry. Just launch S Voice, say "Hi, Galaxy" to your phone and tell it what you're in the mood for—pizza, Chinese, Thai or maybe Greek. Scroll though the results and tap the number to make a call. If delivery were as fast as ordering, the doorbell would ring before you could hang up the phone.

Vegetarian Recipies

Get Your Hands Deliciously Dirty

After a while, even ordering in can feel too routine. Rediscover your kitchen and re-awaken your culinary skills by trying your hand at a new recipe. Type "recipes" in the Galaxy App store to find hundreds of free recipe apps.

Many new recipe apps specialize in whatever you might be in the mood for, like Chinese Recipes!, Vegetarian Recipes! and even Jerky Recipes. For dessert, check out the cheesecake, popcorn and fudge recipe apps. Just try not to get fudge on your smartphone.


Get Cozy With a New Book

Dim the lights, settle back in a comfortable chair and enjoy your choice of a free e-book, courtesy of Samsung's exclusive Kindle for Samsung app. If you're in the mood for something else, download any of the thousands of Kindle e-books in any genre. However, if you're looking at suspense or horror titles, we might suggest turning on an extra light.


Get Engaged

Whether you're home alone, with your partner, or it's just you and the kids, you'll have no problem finding an engaging new game on the Galaxy App store. Check out Galaxy Gifts, available on the Galaxy Apps Home screen, for discounts and free games exclusive to Galaxy owners. Try diving for treasure, have a sword fight or explore mines and castles—all without staying up past your bedtime.

Karaoke Party 2015

Be a Pop Star

Start your own karaoke party by downloading a free karaoke app, like Karaoke Party 2015, from the Galaxy Apps store. Sing with your significant other, or have fun with the kids. If you're alone for the night, record your songs and share them online within the app. Who knows? You may find yourself a new fan base and wake up tomorrow as the newest Internet sensation.

HD Wallpaper

Give Your Galaxy S6 a Makeover

The default theme that comes with your Galaxy S6 edge or S6 is a classic, but if you're in the mood for something new, check out the the Galaxy S6 HD Wallpaper app. Preview dozens of free and premium themes like pets, nature views or even design shots. After you install a new theme, go to "Settings," select "Themes" and then choose the new theme.

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