New year, new goals

Updated December 31, 9999

Keep those resolutions

Keeping your resolutions can be hard; your Galaxy smartphone can make it easy. Last month, we asked Owners what they’d like to accomplish most in 2017. This month, we’re here to help you turn those resolutions into reality, with ideas that build momentum all year long.

For those who want to travel more:

Weekend getaways

You don’t have to go far to discover newness and beauty—try exploring an area that’s close to home. No matter where you live, there are probably nearby hiking trails or parks where you can ramble, and even take photos or videos to share with friends. Not sure where to start? Check out these travel apps for help finding the best flights, hotels and attractions. Also, with so much playing, exploring and discovering, you’re bound to get hungry—luckily, your phone has a long-lasting battery, so you’ll be able to look up dining options to find the restaurants locals love.

For those who want to improve health and fitness:

Accountability apps

Whether you’re training for a half marathon or committed to walking 30 minutes a day, adjusting your wellness routine requires work and support. For that added encouragement, set up your health profile within S Health. The app tracks your steps, heart rate, water intake, sleep, and even connects you with a community of fellow fitness buddies, so you can share stories and motivation. Another app, Lark Activity Tracker, acts as a personal trainer; while the Just 6 Weeks app helps you quickly reach your goals by scheduling your workouts, tracking your progress and reminding you of upcoming workout sessions.

For those who want to get more organized:

Reduce digital clutter

If you want to simplify your life, use your phone to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and stay organized. Start by adding a Google search widget for faster, easier searches. Then, edit your Contacts list so that only phone entries are displayed, rather than entries from email and social network accounts. To do this, simply launch the app, go to Settings, and select which account you’d like to display. Finally, remove the apps you no longer use by simply holding down on the app you want to select and then dragging them to the top of the screen and releasing them over the text “Uninstall.”

For those who want to cook more:

Improve your health

The joy of cooking is constructed of many little joys: the joy of eating nutritious foods, the joy of saving money, the joy of spending time with those you love—the list goes on and on. Since it’s no wonder that Owners want to spend more time honing their culinary skills, we curated some practical, everyday meals that are healthy, simple and absolutely delicious with the Chef Collection App.

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