5 Multitasking Tips & Tricks for Your Galaxy Note5

Updated October 02, 2015

You probably take pride in your multitasking skills. For several years, you've been able to use your smartphone to talk to a friend, send an email and listen to streaming music...all at the same time. But now, like never before, your Samsung Galaxy Note5 equips you to do even more. Here are a few ways to make the most of that larger screen's multitasking real estate.

1. Productivity at the Point of a Pen

The built-in, more advanced S Pen is better than ever. Use it to jot down a quick note without ever waking up the smartphone, or mark up a file as if you were writing on paper. And just like always, its Air Command menu can be launched from any screen or app for even more productivity possibilities—including adding custom shortcuts, like a quick launch icon for your favorite apps.

2. Using the S Pen

To remove the S Pen, simply push it inward and pull it out using its notched top. To engage Air View, hover the tip of the S Pen just over the screen without touching the display. Tap the Air View feature you wish to use—Handwriting, for example, to use the tool like a pen—and then tap Done when you're finished. To further configure your S Pen's options, launch the smartphone's Settings menu and select S Pen.

3. Switching from Side to Side

The side-by-side app functionality equips you to open two apps simultaneously and switch between them with the tap of your finger. It works with many of your favorite apps, and even allows you to resize windows to better utilize the available space on your display.

4. Side-by-Side How-To

To use the multitasking functionality and open two apps simultaneously, tap the Window key—it's the icon with two overlapping squares to the bottom left of your phone's screen—and swipe through the apps to find the one you wish to use. Those that support multi-window are labeled with an icon bearing two side-by-side rectangles; simply tap it or press and drag the app to one side of the screen.

5. Power Up for More Productivity

After a busy day of multitasking, a switch to Ultra Power Saving Mode will juice you up just enough to send one last email on-the-go. The power feature turns your screen black and white and disables all non-essential running services, giving you as much as 10 percent additional charge. To enable it, use the Battery options in the device's main Settings menu.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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