5 Ways to Maximize Your On-Screen Real Estate

Updated November 16, 2015

The Home screen is your window into your Note5 world, your handy portal from here to, well, basically everywhere. No one likes a cluttered portal—both productivity and slackability depend on a nice, clean interface to get you where you're going with minimal fuss. There's more than one way to free up screen space, so take your display from “argh” to “ahh” with a multi-pronged approach.

1. Spring (or Summer, or Fall, or Winter) Cleaning

Apps are the potato chips of the smartphone world; you can't download just one, and every so often, you gotta clean out that app closet. It's probably time to tap “Uninstall/Disable” on the digital ukelele app you used once. Minimalism feels nice, doesn't it?

2. Folders, Folders, Folders—Did We Mention Folders?

Drag one app icon onto another to make a folder appear, then neaten up your space with folders for business docs, e-books, your 17 solitaire apps, you name it. Might as well use the palette icon to color coordinate 'em, too.

That's right—you just invented folder feng shui.

3. Multi-Task = Multi-Window

Maximizing your screen real estate isn't just about making space, it's about using space wisely. Tap two apps that support Multi window and they'll share the screen like best friends—you can text on the top half and take notes on the bottom. That's some efficient screen mileage.

4. “S” is for “Streamlining”

A quick trick for stashing some faves away from your busy Home Screen: Tap “Settings," "S Pen," "Air Command" and "Shortcuts,” and choose a handful of apps to pop up whenever you pull out the S Pen. We recommend note-taking and doodling—or, uh, “serious architectural drafting”—apps.

5. Take It Easy

If it all gets a little overwhelming or you're just the type who values straightforward accessibility over techy street cred, pop into Easy mode from the Settings menu. Your Home screen takes on a just-the-basics vibe with clean, meaty icons for essential apps and quick access to your favorite contacts.

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Demand Media

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