Manage Your Edgespectations: 5 Things You Can Do with Your Galaxy S6 Edge

Updated May 12, 2015

Get an edge in your professional and personal life by exploring the features available in your Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge. You can program the Edge screen to do exactly what you need without affecting the main screen, even when the main screen is off.

1. Lean Left or Right

Are you a one-handed thumb swiper, or do you prefer the two-handed index finger crossover technique? It doesn't matter. Swap your active Edge screen from one side to the other at any time, so it's the most convenient for you.

From the Home screen, tap "Apps," "Settings, "Edge Screen" and then "Edge Screen Position." Select the "Left Side" or the "Right Side" depending on your smartphone Feng Shui.

2. Sharpen Your Posse

Give five of your closest friends a dedicated place on the Edge screen by adding them to People Edge. To push your friends to the Edge, tap "Edge Screen" in "Settings" and select "People Edge." Select a color for each of your friends and use the "Edit" button to swap one contact for another. You'll be seeing these people every day on the Edge screen, so use this feature wisely.

3. Edge Lighting

Drag your People Edge friends into the spotlight by enabling Edge Lighting. Whenever your phone is laying screen-down, the Edge screen will light up with your friend's dedicated color. Answer the call or just touch the Heart Rate Sensor for two seconds to send a quick auto reply letting them know you're busy but will contact them soon.

To enable Edge Lighting after you've set up People Edge, tap "Edge Screen" in Settings and select "Edge Lighting."

4. Cutting Edge News Anytime

Keep an open window to the world by making your Edge screen a 24/7 Information Stream. Select "Edge Screen" in "Settings" and tap "Information Stream" to start customizing your personal news feed. Select the information that's most important to you, like stock news, sports and missed alerts.

To make Information Stream display when the main screen is off, drag your finger up and down along the Edge Screen.

5. Night Clock

No matter how you use your Edge screen during the day, get it to work double-duty at night by enabling the Night Clock feature. Select "Night Clock" from the Edge Screen settings. Select when you want Night Clock to turn on and then off, with up to 12 hours between.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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