4 Ways to Make Memories While Miles Apart

Updated November 16, 2015

The holidays are all about togetherness, but life sometimes gets in the way of family bonding—and by "life," we mean “an absolute ton of miles." In these cases, it takes just a touch of tech magic to bring long-distance families together.

1. Super Seasonal Streaming

Live-streaming your holiday festivities is the closest you'll get to being in the same room with your fam—but to your grandma in Albuquerque, “streams” are the things Huck Finn waded through.

Close the generation gap with Live Broadcast on your Galaxy S6 edge+, which streams right from your camera to YouTube. And grandma definitely knows YouTube, because where else would she get her infinite supply of cat videos?

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Wishlists

No borders should keep you from granting holiday wishes. For those far-removed little ones, reinvent the wishlist with cloud storage. Who needs crayons and paper when you can have a real-time updated list complete with online purchasing links?

Remember, giving is important, but avoiding mall traffic is even more so.

3. Memories in the Moment

The sweater-festooned family portrait with a backdrop straight out of '81 has become the holiday staple that no one asked for. Forget the staged vibe; make your family feel like they're in the room by snapping spontaneous moments, from the dog getting a jump on your turkey to your niece's priceless look of surprise.

Launch your Galaxy S6 edge+ camera in less than a second for off-the-cuff shots, or capture the chaos with Video Collage, stitching four clips into one vividly shareable moment.

4. The Bonus Booking

Speaking of spontaneity, maybe this is the year to use that holiday bonus with a touch of joyful recklessness; as magical as smartphones and tablets are, nothing closes the distance like hopping a plane at the last minute.

But spontaneous doesn't have to mean sloppy—download your airline's app, share your digital itinerary with your holiday hosts and nab the MyTSA app for wait-time estimates. That way, you can keep it together while promoting togetherness.

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Studio D

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