Make your Selfie Artsy in a Jiffy


So Michelangelo didn’t have a smartphone, but if he did, think of the masterpieces blowin’ up his friends’ feeds. In the Renaissance spirit, take a note from artists past and explore the artsy side of selfies with your Galaxy phone. Here are our top secrets to telling your selfie story with an artistic flair:


1. Do a Background Check

Seek out spots that might be more quietly beautiful or colorfully quirky than just a blank wall. It’ll add a storytelling element to your photo, plus show off how you can find beauty just about anywhere.


2. Airbrush Yo-self

Airbrush your face before you even take a picture—just tap the Beauty Face icon in the selfie UI and make yourself magazine-ready.


3. Type It Out

Caption not cutting it? Dress up your selfie with some handcrafted script in S Note (just tap the Camera icon at the top), or superimpose text of your choice in apps. And yes—your S Pen™ will up your Snapchatting game tenfold.


4. Find Your Filter

Before you turn to Valencia and Mayfair, sift through the filters on your Galaxy. In your camera, tap the Settings icon and then the little magic wand to take your photos with the filter already set—that way, you know what looks most artistic.


5. Obey the Rule of Thirds

Any Photography 101 class will explain the rudimentary “Rule of Thirds”—which means splitting your camera view into a 3x3 grid and putting your focal points where the lines intersect. If this is tough to visualize, just turn on Grid Lines in your settings. Place your face on the grid to create more interest and perspective. Your friends will DEFINITELY think you’re a pro.


6. Light It Up

To selfie or not to selfie—that depends on the lighting conditions. Try to have the sun or a light on your face (sorry if that means squinting). It enhances the brightness and thusly enhances your beauty—a win-win, we’d say!

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