A Lock Screen for Every Personality

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We've all visited the realm known as Literally Everyone's Lock Screen. You know: all those really austere clocks and trippy, abstract rainbow-y things. It's like the cover of a '70s rock album on every person's smartphone.

Things are a little different in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge country, where you can set up to 30 images to your lock screen. Welcome to Multiple Lock Screen Land—we've been expecting you.

Courtney DeSpain/Demand Media

The Fanatic Foodie

For the food-obsessed, digging up 30 of your finest foodography snaps should be easy peasy. Like sweet peas with prosciutto. Or prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. Or roasted asparagus frittata. Or...you get it.

Warning: Temptation runs high with this multiple lock screen theme. Might want to serve it with a side of calorie-burning apps.

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The Sports Champion

Baseball in spring. Football is in the fall and winter, and basketball trucks on through spring once again. That means that your multiple lock screen keeps your work cut out for you year round—might as well fill it up with all the team logos, mascots, helmets, player profiles and TV-worthy moments you can download.

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The Gamer

Gaming apps make the S7 essential gaming gear, but what about those times when that whole "real life" thing keeps you from crushing candy and bursting bubbles. Let your gamer chic flag fly with pixel art, or use your console's screen-capturing ability to fill your lock screen with glorious gaming moments.

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Yeah, the Internet might be the official domain of memes and cat videos, but it's also a treasure trove of the best visual art the world has to offer. Pick your 30 favorite paintings of all time to turn your Galaxy S7 lock screen into a mini museum, or fill it with pics of your own artwork for just a touch of classy self-promotion.

"Whose art is that?," they'll ask. "C'est à moi," you'll reply, tipping your beret.

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The Fabulous Fashionista

If you're the type who can't get enough of the smashing ensembles you pull from Pinterest, put those fashion snaps to use on your multiple lock screen. Cotton cardigans, houndstooth prints, and tortoiseshell bangles? Just the beginning.

Swap out your looks with the seasons, because you wouldn't be caught dead with capris on your lock screen in winter, now would you?

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The Manly Man

Does your Galaxy S7 live in a hand-carved cedar case? Are you wearing flannel and drinking pitch-black, slow-drip coffee right now? If so, your phone needs to match your lumberjack-ness. Put that multiple lock screen to work with images of majestic elk paintings on velvet, redwood trees, plaid prints, Alaskan bears, and all the antlers the Internet can throw at you.

Now, just sit back and wait for your Galaxy S7 to grow a beard.

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