Get Your Life Back: 5 Ways to Use Your Phone to Save Precious Time

Updated April 02, 2015

Every day, people ask more from you while giving you less time to do it, so it's about time you had the tech to even the scales. With the Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge, you've got a new sidekick, a partner in crime that can steal back a few hours from the day without leaving you empty-handed.

1. Your New Pocket Rocket

Who needs to run back to the office just to get some work done? Use the PC-like Multi Window™ to run two apps at once. Stacked with RAM and fueled by a powerful OCTA Core Quad processor, your phone can handle any workload. To activate Multi Window™, press the "Back" button, swipe down from the top of the screen and select "Multi Window." You can then access the Multi Window™ tray at any time by touching the left "Arrow" on the screen.

2. Share Quickly in a Big Way

Share large files, including HD photos and videos with friends and family directly from your phone. Just select the file, click the "Share" button and then select the names in your contacts list. If your friends don't have a phone that supports this feature, they'll get a text message with a download link they can access any time.

3. Recharge Faster and Go

Running low on juice? With Adaptive fast charging, all your phone needs is a 10-minute power nap to be up and running for another four hours.*

Hate cables? No problem. Set your phone on any wireless charging mat on your desk, on the nightstand or at your local coffee shop and recharge your phone wirelessly while you recharge yourself.

4. Get a Head Start

Double-press the Home button while making breakfast, or while you're out for your morning run. Tell S Voice to read your email, or brief you on the morning news. You'll be ahead of schedule before you even get to the office.

5. More Action, Less Juggling

Life balance doesn't mean stopping in your tracks. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge work with just one hand while you're on the go, left or right.

Steaming hot extra large mocha java bravo in one hand; phone in the other. A swipe of the thumb to respond to a text and a perfect balance saves the day.

*Based on laboratory testing, results may vary. Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, carrier network, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, frequency of calls, and voice, data and other application-usage patterns.

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