Kids' Movie Premiere Party Ideas

Next to Halloween, a Hollywood movie premiere party makes a great excuse for your child and her friends to dress up in costumes for an evening of fun. The farther you go to make her event look like a celebrity gathering, the more impressed her and her friends will be. From her guests' arrival throughout the evening's events, you can make a big impact without spending a lot.

Invitingly Yours

"Formal" invitations make your child's party extra special to her guests, as can a dress-up theme that recommends fun outfits for attendees. She can typeset the invitations herself in word-processing or page-layout software on your home computer, print them out and fold them down to a greeting-card-style configuration. If she has her heart set on card-weight stock instead of regular paper, you can take them to a quick printer for output. She may deliver her invitations by hand at school instead of through the mail, but they enhance the importance of the event, however she passes them out.

On the Red Carpet

Check with a local party supply company or event marketing firm to see if you can rent a real red carpet to set out in front of your home, either on the sidewalk or on a walkway to your front door. You and your guests' parents can serve as celebrity photographers, stationed with your digital cameras, smartphones and camcorders along the walkway to catch a glimpse of the budding stars as they arrive for their special evening. Ask parents to email you images, or set up a social media page to which they can upload them. With a wirelessly enabled home theater setup, you can display the photos on your TV straight from a Web page or your computer.

Premiere Food

With dress-up clothes adorning the guests, you may want to steer clear of food that risks dripping and stains.A buffet-style serving table echoes celebrity parties, including a punch bowl—with parental attendant in full formal garb—and even an hors d'oeuvres course made up of veggie snacks. If your refrigerator serves carbonated water through its freezer door, you can create sparkling drinks instead of punch. Break out the cloth napkins to give the meal an extra touch of luxury. Complete with candles, your dining room table makes for an elegant meal setting.

Stellar Decorations

Depending on the movie your child selects for screening you can decorate your home theater with posters of the actors or string holiday lights to simulate a theatrical venue. Add little bags with small toys or souvenir figurines from the marketing campaign surrounding an animated feature, each with a name tag for a specific guest. Simulated candles with LED "flames" light the way between rooms and enable you to lower the media room lights.

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