What Kids Can Teach Dad About Tech

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Dads are great at a lot of things, from changing flat tires to making jokes at the dinner table. But even the smartest Dad can use some help from time to time when it comes to the latest tech. If you've given your dad a new smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge or Galaxy S®6, or a Galaxy Tab A®, or a new 4K SUHD TV, here are some ways you can help him make the transition with style.

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Using Your Indoor Voice

When it comes to Dad and his new phone, sometimes it feels like you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Help him out by setting up S Voice on his Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6. The voice feature will help Dad navigate through his phone at lightning speed. To activate, press the Home button twice and tell the phone what you want. That's all there is to it. But just use a normal, indoor voice. Shouting or talking very slowly won't get S Voice to close the front door.

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A Photo Is Not an Event

Nothing wipes the smiles off of kids' faces more than the sound of "Okay, everyone, gather around for a photo." Show your Dad how to take a picture on his new Galaxy S6 quickly without making a big production out of it. Double-tap the Home button, say "Cheese" and the camera shoots in perfect focus automatically. It literally takes one second.

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Admitting There's a Problem

Acknowledging that a problem exists is the first step towards solving it. When it comes to picture size, Dads aren't always willing to admit this. The next time he puts on his favorite old rerun on his new 4K SUHD TV and the picture appears unusually small, try this trick:

  1. Wrestle the remote out of his hand.
  2. Press the "Menu/123" button and arrow over to the "Picture Size" option.
  3. Show him how the picture is supposed to look.
  4. Hand him back the remote and step back.

If he really prefers the nostalgia of that old 18-inch screen he used to have in college, he might actually change it back—but he won't.

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Buying Apps... For Free

Fathers seldom have a problem shelling out money for the latest technology when it's something they want. But when it comes to a $1.99 app, that's a whole different ballgame, isn't it? Show Dad how to get the latest games and other apps at significant discounts, or even for free, using Galaxy Gifts in the Galaxy Apps store.

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Playing Nicely With Others

When Dads use a tablet for work, the last thing they want to do is to share it with the family. With a Samsung Galaxy Tab A®, you can set up a different profile for every member of the house.

To show Dad how to create new profiles, take him to "Settings," tap "Users" and select "Add User."

To keep younger brothers and sisters safe, use Kids Mode, a free option from Samsung Galaxy Essentials™ in the Galaxy Apps store.

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Knowing How to Share

As much as we poke fun at our Dads from time to time, they're always there to share time with us and to even share that last scoop of ice cream.

Show your Dad how to share his tech with himself by introducing him to SideSync. It's a hassle-free way to wirelessly transfer photos and share documents from his tablet or smartphone to his PC. SideSync also gives him the option to share his computer's mouse, keyboard and screen with his mobile devices.

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