More Than Just a Watch

Updated November 23, 2015

The Samsung Gear S2 is much more than just another pretty face. With a touch of its touchscreen display or a turn of its bezel, you'll get more cool stuff done with your wrist than you ever thought possible.

Check Your Pulse

After your morning workout, after climbing a flight of stairs, or 30 seconds after a sudden kiss, use the S Health pulse monitor to see how your heart is doing. If your pulse hasn't reached its optimal level, go for another flight of stairs or try that kiss again.

Change with the Times

Whether you're going for a hike in the woods or spending an evening at the ballet, the Gear S2 is a perfect companion. Swap the watch band and change its face to suit any occasion. If you're looking for something different but stylish, try a new band from Alessandro Mendini—it'll be like you sent your left hand to the Italian Riviera.

Ditch Your Phone

Just because your smartwatch automatically tethers to your smartphone doesn't mean you need to. With enough storage to hold up to 300 songs at once, the Gear S2 makes the perfect traveling companion all by itself. Models with 3G support can even accept phone calls and send text messages, so you can give your phone the weekend off.

Charge Up

With fast wireless charging, the Gear S2 is always ready to go when you are. Just place it on a wireless charging dock on your desk or nightstand and pick it up again when it’s time to go. There’s no dealing with wires and no counting the minutes before your Gear S2 is powered up.

Photo Credits: Levi Walton/Demand Media

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