What Does Your App Organization Style Say About You?

Updated November 23, 2015

Your Galaxy Note5 keeps a few apps at your fingertips in the Apps Drawer and on the Air Command menu, but what about all the others? Everyone has a different approach to organizing all those shiny icons. See if you recognize yours here.

The Zen Dude

Whatever the phone does with your apps is just fine with you. You know they're on there somewhere, and that's good enough. You aren't going to stress over it. Life's too short, man.

The Strict Alphabetizer

You learned the A-B-C song before any of your friends, and it's still engraved on your brain. You set your Galaxy Note5 to keep everything alphabetized, by tapping the "A-Z" button on your Apps screen while you were in "Edit" mode. There. All fixed.

The Chronic Color Coder

Alphabetical listings work only if you remember the exact name of an app. If you fall into the creative and visual camp, you're more likely to remember its icon. So it makes perfect sense to sort all the icons by color, even if some of your more-conventional colleagues snicker. Ignore them until the next time they need wardrobe advice.

The Home Screen Hero

You're the organizer in your circle. When there's a baby shower to plan or a new office space to set up, you're there. You've got all your apps grouped logically on separate home screens. Work, home and frivolous distractions are all segregated, just the way you like it.

The Folder Fanatic

You're a bear for efficiency. Your super-clean home screen sports just a few folders, and all of your apps are sorted into the folders neatly. OCD, much?

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Studio D

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