Ideas for Wedding Videos

Wedding videos add dimension to the creative documentation of new marital bliss. Along with leafing through photo albums, just-married couples can relive the wonderment, joy and emotional moments of their nuptial day on a TV playing a Blu-ray or DVD disc through a home theater system or streaming from a computer through Wi-Fi®. If you're serving as the family videographer, creating these videos involves shooting much more footage than you need for your finished piece and editing it down to the most important events.

Rehearsal Clues

Attending the wedding rehearsal gives you invaluable advantages. You can find the best vantage point from which to get great footage of the bride and groom without interfering with the ceremony or attracting undue attention to yourself. If the couple agrees, the rehearsal can provide candid and humorous behind-the-scenes footage that contrasts charmingly with the solemnity of the actual ceremony, enabling you to intercut between the two in the finished video. You also can grab shots of the venue itself, including interesting architectural details or views of beautifully landscaped grounds.

Time Flies

For dramatic emphasis, add a slow-motion effect to special moments as you edit footage into finished form on your computer. Slowed down, a bride's glance at the groom, her parents or her ring at the conclusion of the ceremony conveys her thoughts and emotions in context. Conversely, you can speed up footage to show a time-lapse view of family and friends filling the wedding venue, caterers and decorators preparing the reception hall or food disappearing from steam tables. You also can create slow-mo effects by turning still photos from your digital camera into a time-lapse sequence through stop-motion animation.

Documentary Style

A documentary style—either tongue-in-cheek "mockumentary" or for serious effect—makes for an interesting day-in-the-life video that treats the happy couple like a pair of celebrities. Although it can be intrusive to solicit person-on-the-street comments from relatives of the couple, members of the wedding party and attendees at the ceremony, you can depart from conventional etiquette with the couple's blessing and record quotes to use as part of the video soundtrack.

Musical Complications

To include copyrighted music in your production, you need clearance from the rights holders, which costs money, sometimes large sums of it. If you post wedding footage to a video-sharing site and your finished production includes a hit song, you may face a rights-violation takedown notice from the site. To avoid paying a hefty fee to license a popular song, invite a local singer/songwriter or musical group to contribute original music in exchange for agreed-upon compensation, including a credit in the finished video. If the couple wants to use a piece of public-domain classical music, suggest they hire a pianist or quartet to perform it.

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