Ideas for Great Wedding Gifts for a House

If the happy couple you just showered with flower petals or confetti plans to move in to a new home shortly after the honeymoon, your house-smart wedding gift shows extra savvy. You don't need to spring for big-budget items to make a sizable impression. Smartly chosen sensible gifts that extend the value, comfort and convenience of their first home as a married couple come in all sizes, price-wise and dimensionally speaking.


If the newlyweds plan to refresh their new kitchen with an appliance upgrade, a set of cookware or select utensils matches well with new capabilities. Before you purchase the gift, find out as much as you can about the range that's slated for installation. If it includes an induction cooktop, select ferrous-metal utensils that accommodate this unique cooking method's reliance on magnetic energy instead of direct heat. An induction disc makes the transition from magnetic to thermal energy for utensils made from nonferrous materials. If you know the specific range model, size the range-top utensils you buy to match the dimensions of burners or elements, enhancing cooking efficiency.

For a convection oven, look to shallow glass pans and cookie sheets without tall edges, allowing fan-forced heat to flow around food and produce excellent baked and roasted results. Help your friends advance their cooking prowess further with the gift of a set of cooking lessons focused on a specific cuisine or food item.


Home-entertainment technology can enhance the enjoyment value of the couple's new address. If a new high-definition TV won't fit in your giving budget, team up with others to provide a big, bright screen that showcases favorite movies and sporting events or give the mounting hardware that positions a large set on a wall. A home theater system can provide surround sound capabilities as well as Wi-Fi® access to a broad range of online entertainment. An audio dock presents music libraries from smartphones and tablet devices on room-filling speakers. Along with a strategic present of the technology itself, add a gift card for tunes, TV-show subscriptions or movies.


Whether the newlyweds bring a current set of furnishings along from a previous address or start fresh, they need lamps and lighting. Instead of the light fixtures themselves, give the energy-efficient gift of LED bulbs. Package up a set to light an entire room, including "candle-flame" bulbs for ceiling fixtures or wall sconces, screw-fitting bulbs for table lamps and replacements for recessed lighting fixtures. Unlike hot-burning, short-lived incandescents, the LED bulbs in your gift may last for years and help cut electrical use throughout their working life span.


If you're selecting a wedding gift for friends you’ve known for a long time, you know their tastes in art well enough to give them a present they'll be proud to display. For a custom touch that reflects their marriage as well as their new home, provide an illustrator with photos of the house and the couple from which to create a one-of-a-kind work that celebrates their union. Hire a graphic designer to create a mock movie poster that features their marriage and their home in an imaginary feature film, complete with credits that celebrate their friends and family. For a gift that pairs practicality with aesthetics, add an ornate or antique frame to a mirror or blackboard.

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