How to Host a Halloween Movie Night

From all-out camp to don't-look-behind-you fear, Halloween makes an ideal occasion for a movie-night party. As host, plan a suitable menu, tailoring your offerings to the squeamishness tolerance of your invitees. When you plan viewing options, aim your screening schedule to suit the amount of scariness your guests will enjoy, from the fans of chainsaw slashers to the timid souls who cover their eyes as starlets wander into the woods.

Viewing Experience

A big-screen HDTV makes an ideal onscreen platform for the average fright-fest feature. The best TVs offer a wide viewing axis that presents a high-quality picture across multiple seating positions. Watch in 3D, with rechargeable lightweight glasses that won't interfere with your vampire makeup, and the shivers intensify. If your favorite Halloween entertainment doesn't come in a 3D version, a great 3D set can present your conventional 2D programming properly and even add dimensionality to it through digital conversion. For additional options, use a Smart TV to search for movies through an online connection.

Surround Sound

On a TV integrated into a Blu-ray-equipped home theater system with surround sound, zombies and monsters make even scarier entrances into movie scenes, as dialog and sound effects emerge from multiple speakers positioned through the room. Rumbling thunder growls all the more realistically from a surround-sound subwoofer. If your system supports audio spatialization to match 3D visuals, slack-jawed monsters and saw-wielding villains frighten all the more realistically as they leap onto the screen.


From pumpkin-shaped cookies to red velvet cake, you can serve plenty of sweet treats that fit into a Halloween theme. For a small crowd, dispense freshly carbonated water from a refrigerator that produces it on demand through its ice-and-water dispenser, adding a touch of cranberry or pomegranate juice for suitably red trails through the glass. If you're planning a full meal before your movie screening, keep meat ready to pan-fry in a temperature-controlled drawer until it's time to cook ground beef eyeballs and hot dog zombie parts. For vegetable preparation, aim for an appropriately wormlike look.

Photo Credits: Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

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