Happy birthday, Samsung Pay: here are 10 reasons we love you

Updated December 31, 9999

On September 28, 2016, Samsung Pay celebrates the big zero-one. Let’s raise a glass and recap 10 quick things we love about our new friend. But don’t call it a retrospective—consider this the beginning of greatness.


It’s magnetic

No, we’re not talking about Samsung Pay’s personality. Samsung Pay is the one and only mobile payment app that uses MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission). That means that it’s accepted just like your regular credit and debit card at over 90% of your favorite merchants a—even the technology-challenged ones.


It has you covered

Birthdays are a time to reflect on growth. In 2015, Samsung Pay worked with credit and debit cards from 34 different banks. Today, it works with more than 475+. That’s a whole lot of growth for just 12 months—here’s to 12 more.


It gives you donuts

If you buy three things with an eligible card via Samsung Pay before October 14, 2016, your account will be gifted with a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card (and that’s just one of the app’s ongoing promos). Who doesn’t love birthday donuts?


It’ll give you $5

Here’s how nice Samsung Pay is—it wants to give you $5, and you just met. Once you start using it, Samsung Pay will give you a referral code to invite a friend. Use that code and you’ll both get $5 added to you Samsung Rewards Visa Prepaid card after your friend makes their first Samsung Pay transaction upon the first qualifying purchase. And it’s not even your birthday.


It keeps track of your memberships…

You know that you can add a credit or debit card to Samsung Pay by launching the app, touching “Add” and entering the card’s info. But you might not know that you can do the same thing for membership cards. And they work just the same way—open Simple Pay, swipe left or right to access your membership card and hold it over the barcode scanner at the gym, drug store or grocer.


…and rewards

That stuff we said up there applies to rewards cards, too, so don’t miss out on racking up points or partaking in discounts. Your life just got a lot more convenient and your wallet just get a lot lighter and thinner—happy birthday to you.


It first in line at vending machines

Good friends look out for you. Sometimes they look out for you with candy bars and pretzels. If a vending machine has a spot to insert a card, there’s a good chance you can just use Simple Pay—swipe up on your phone to open Samsung Pay, hold your fingerprint on the “Home” button to verify your identity, hold the device over the card reader and await snacking greatness.


It loves good trucks

Here’s a life hack: You’ll almost never get bad food from a food truck. And because Samsung Pay uses both Near-Field Communication and MST tech, it’s ready to party—even at the corner taco truck.


It’s thoughtful

Sure, it’s Samsung Pay’s time to celebrate, but celebrating someone else has never been easier. Just launch the app, touch the “Gift Cards” tab and tap the gift card you want to purchase. Use the “Gift a Friend” option at checkout to share the love.


It might just take you places

Remember those promos we mentioned up there? In 2015, Samsung Pay treated one user to a New Year’s Eve concert-slash-hangout with Usher, just for paying for things at the mall. Who knows what 2016 has in store? Fun fact: Samsung Pay loves surprises.

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