Tips & Tricks: When to Use Slow Motion Video

Updated June 22, 2015

Slow Motion mode is just one of the great new features included in the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge and Galaxy S®6 camera. Recording in dizzying-rich detail, slow motion video can be played back at half, quarter or one-eighth speed. Learning how to use it is easy, and learning when to use it to its best effect is simply a lot of fun.

To access this feature, tap the "Mode" icon on the Camera app and select "Slow Motion." When you're playing back the video, tap the thumbnails at the bottom, select "Speed" and choose from 1/2x, 1/4x or 1/8x playback.

When You're Floating on Air

Any time there's the chance that someone's feet will leave the air is a potential opportunity for Slow Motion. This includes basketball forwards, wide receivers, bungee cord jumpers, trampoline artists, and, of course, household banana-peel acrobats.

When the Music Starts

Use slow motion for either a dramatic or a hilarious effect whenever there's music involved—which effect you get usually depends on the skill of the dancers. Try using slow motion when filming a ballet recital, or if someone starts moon walking at your high school reunion. If your parents decide to try the tango at their anniversary party, get that Slow Motion ready.

Whenever You Detect a Fail

The only thing sweeter than capturing a fail on camera is stretching the moment out by four to eight times. Have slow motion ready to roll when your uncle fires up his new charcoal barbecue, or when your spouse decides to give your son's skateboard a spin down the driveway. Parents should always start recording in slow motion whenever they hear the kids say those three magic words: "Hey, watch this!"

When the Anticipation is Almost Too Much

Surprises go with slow motion like banana cream pies, or ice bucket challenges. If you really want to be proud of your investment in the Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6, get the Slow Motion ready when you're the first to see that spider hiding in the bathroom.

When the Moment is Perfect

Not every slow motion event needs to involve personal catastrophe. Use slow motion any time you know you'll want to squeeze out a few more seconds from an event. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, and the first time a new child or grandchild comes home, can all easily make this list.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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