Tips & Tricks: When To Use Fast Motion Video

Updated June 22, 2015

Even if you didn't enjoy House of Cards, you have to admit the opening credits are really cool. Sweeping clouds, fast-moving traffic and lengthening shadows are the kinds of scenes you can record yourself using Fast Motion on your Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge and Galaxy S®6 camera.

To use Fast Motion, tap the "Mode" icon before you start recording and select "Fast Motion." When finished, tap the "Preview" thumbnail and then tap "Fast Motion" again. Drag the "Handles" in the preview to select which portion of the video should be played in fast motion and tap that section to set the speed.

When Your Dad Tells That Story

When it's time to make a toast, or anytime the family is gathered together, Dads have a sacred obligation to relate that one story that everyone has already heard before. As soon as he stands up or begins to clear his throat, switch to Fast Motion mode. You'll get all of the hand gestures in just a few seconds, and you can slow down to normal speed during playback when he finally gets to the punchline only a Dad could love.

When Anyone Is Eating

Buffet tables, family dinners and any other time someone has a fork or a glass in hand is a great opportunity to have some fun with fast motion. By default, the video is muted in Fast Motion mode, but you can change that by tapping "Unmute" during the playback preview.

When You're Showing Off Your Mad Skills

When you're doing anything that's both difficult and time-consuming, fast motion is a good way to show off your skills without boring your friends and family. Use fast motion to record the house of cards you're about to build, when you're ready to solve a really difficult puzzle, or when you're going to finally clean out the garage.

When You're Traveling

If you're going on a long road trip, or even if you're just stuck in rush-hour traffic, ask your passenger to whip out your Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6 to document your journey in Fast Motion mode. Even waiting in line to get into a new restaurant can look glamorous and exciting when it's played in fast motion.

When the Real Story is in the Preparation

When we're documenting important events, like weddings, graduations or family get-togethers, often the prep work shows the bigger story. Use fast motion to record any important activity that happens before the big event, such as when the bride is getting her makeup done, when you're preparing Thanksgiving dinner, or someone is still trying to decide what to wear.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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