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Finding a place to eat or a perfect recipe for a special meal is easier than ever when you're using a select list of apps on your smartphone. From aligning the cook times of various dishes to finding a restaurant in an exotic location, several apps will "cater" to your culinary and dining needs.

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One Amazing Looking App

Evernote is known for its note taking and syncing app, but it also offers other services-which are, of course, integrated into the main service. One such service is Evernote Food. The free app is one of the best looking apps available in the food category. You're able to take photos and make notes of meals you eat, as well as look for new recipes. You're even able to search local restaurants and mark them as a place you want to try.

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Traveling and Food

Food&Travel offers a free app designed for your smartphone that looks and feels like a foodie magazine. Inside the app you'll find recipes and restaurant suggestions spanning the globe. Tips from professional chefs will sharpen your cooking skills in a variety of international cuisines. This app might help dinner feel like a vacation.

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Chicken, It's What's for Dinner

Instead of sticking to the same old tried-and-true chicken recipes, use a free app called Delicious Chicken Recipes to find something new. With recipes spanning kabob to curry and biryani to soup, you're likely to find something you'll like. With the exception of the Soup section, these recipes aren't the traditional recipes found in common cookbooks. The recipes are laid out step-by-step, walking you through the entire process of prepping the meal, to finalizing it with garnishment.

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Homemade Chinese Food

Looking for a long list of various Chinese food recipes? Look no further than the free app Chinese Recipe. The app design is very basic, but it is full of Chinese recipes and meals. Each recipe includes ingredients, total cook time, number served, step-by-step instructions and a photo of what the finished product should look like.

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Don't Let the Food Burn

Keeping tabs on how long different aspects of your meal need to cook is crucial to ensuring your food doesn't burn and everything arrives to the table hot. Timer Multi will let you set several alarms within the same app, so you can enter the entire cook time of, say, a steak, with an additional alarm set to the exact time it needs to be flipped.

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Discover Local Spots

It's easy to fall into the trap of letting your normal routine dictate your dining options-for example, eating at the same places when you decide to go out, just because you know what to expect. Get out of your bubble and find somewhere new to try, locally, with the help of Gvidi. This app will use your location to recommend nearby cafes, bars and restaurants. You'll even be able to view ratings and reviews to get an idea of what to expect.

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Dessert, the Most Important Course

A meal isn't complete without a fantastic dessert to cap it off. Tantalize your taste buds with Healthy Chocolate Recipes, an app featuring a long list of chocolate dessert recipes. In the app you'll find video walk throughs for some recipes and an explanation of which type of chocolate is the healthiest for you. Chocolate? Healthy? Who knew?

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Easily Count Calories

Keep tabs on your calorie intake to make sure you don't overdo it. With Calorific, an app that will help you track snacks and meals, logging your calorie intake will help you meet your diet goals. You can put your food into one of three categories: Great, OK and Bad. Each category aims to make you aware of the types of food you're eating and strive to stay on track to becoming healthier.

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