5 Ways to Get Your Google On

Your Galaxy is a phone you can build your life around, and that's not only because of its power and sophistication. You also have a potent set of cloud-based Google Apps to complement the phone's own features. If you've never really given much thought to how you use your Google account, here are five examples of how its apps can smooth out life's rough spots.

1. Getting Very, Very Attached

Recording full 4K video on your phone is pretty cool, and it's easy to share online. Sending a video directly to someone is a whole 'nother ball game, however, because the files are often too big for email. Instead, just pop it up to your Google Drive and send a link in your email. There, problem solved.

2. Let Me Rephrase That...

There's nothing like clicking that "Send" button to stimulate your memory. That's when you suddenly realize you forgot to switch from "Reply All" to "Reply," or didn't add the attachment, or misspelled your boss's name. Seriously, medical researchers need to study this. Buy yourself a do-over by going into Gmail's settings and enabling "Undo Send."

3. Corralling the Kitties

Everybody's busy, so scheduling that crucial meeting—or long-awaited party—can feel like herding cats. Not to worry, Google Calendar has got you covered. Set up the event, send the link to everyone in the group, and you're good to go. It plays nicely with the other major calendar software, so everyone can collaborate seamlessly to make the get-together happen.

4. A Pop Quiz

Organizing the event is one thing, settling the details is another. Instead of circulating an endless round of emails, set up a short survey in Google Forms. Everyone on your list can pick their favorite options, and the app will compile all the responses into an easy-to-read spreadsheet. Easy-peasy.

5. Send a Note to Your Phone...From the Desktop

You don't need to drop what you're doing to make a note on your phone. As long as your computer and phone are logged into the same Google account and Google Now is active on your phone, you can do it from your browser on your computer. Just go to Google, search "send a note to my phone," and type your note into the box that pops up. Done. You can set alarms ("set an alarm") or send a reminder ("set a reminder") the same way.

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