Good Types of Cameras for Sports & Children

Fast action and fleeting moments are what sports events and children are all about. For a camera that does the job at a soccer field or playground, look for models that have intuitive controls so you can quickly capture a winning goal or a triumphant smile rather than lose the moment trying to find the right settings.

Responsiveness for Quick Action

Unless your life revolves around photography, the settings on traditional DSLR cameras take time to master. Today's smart cameras come with intuitive software that takes the hassle out of finding the right setting. Loaded with the Android™ platform, the Galaxy Camera™ 2 includes Smart Mode Suggest, making it easy to find the right setting for different moments. Use Action Freeze to slice a moment from high-speed action on the field or use Drama Shot to splice together several action shots into a single image.

Getting Close and Personal

Digital zoom is a handy feature, but it just crops the photo while it's being taken. For full-resolution close-up shots, you need an optical zoom lens. For this, consider getting a camera with replaceable lenses, so you can choose the right lens for whatever event you're shooting. Today's smart cameras have a wide range of replaceable lenses without the mirror that adds weight and bulk to the camera.

Point and Shoot With Zoom Abilities

If you're looking for something ultracompact, consider a point and shoot with a zoom lens. The Galaxy Camera™ 2 comes with a single telescopic lens with optical image stabilization, so you can zoom in on the action at 21x. This is great for taking close-ups at games without having to stand in the middle of the field.

Social Cameras for Easy Sharing

If you don't want to wait until you get home to upload photos to your computer, consider getting a smart camera that is Wi-Fi enabled or a camera that integrates cell phone technology into its design like the Samsung Galaxy Camera™. You can take the shot, edit it directly on the camera and post it online, all within moments of taking the photo.

Photo Credits: Michelle Black/Demand Media

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