Good to the Last Bar: Making the Most of Your Galaxy S6 Edge Battery

Updated June 15, 2015

Getting the most out of your battery is easier than ever with a Samsung Galaxy S®6 or S®6 edge. Wireless charging means you can get a quick charge anywhere you find a charging pad. With fast charging, your battery can go from dead to a 50 percent power level in just a half hour.

But let's face it, getting a charge when you need one isn't always easy. There are still very few charging pads in most national parks, for example. And even the best of us forget our adapters when visiting the in-laws for the weekend. Fortunately, your smartphone has built-in measures to get a full day out of a minimal charge.

Battery Management Options

If you notice the power indicator is dwindling on your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, find out how much time it has left by tapping the "Battery" icon in Settings, or in the Power Management tool found in the Apps screen.

Tapping "Battery Usage" tells you which apps have been running since the last time you charged the device. To see which apps have been the hungriest, tap "Details." You can then close those apps from the Apps screen or immediately launch Power Saving Mode or Ultra Power Saving Mode right from the Battery screen.

Using the Power Saving Mode

Available from the Battery screen or the Settings' System tab, Power Saving mode is designed to extend battery life without causing any major changes in how you use your smartphone. It reduces the vibration setting, screen brightness, the CPU speed and the screen's refresh rate.

If you're the forgetful type, it may be a good idea to set Power Saving Mode to kick in automatically whenever the battery reaches a specific power level, like 50, 20, 15 or even 5 percent.

Using the Ultra Power Saving Mode

If Ultra Power Saving Mode sounds a bit superlative, that's because it really is. With only 10 percent remaining battery, Ultra Power Saving Mode can get you calls and texts for a good 24 hours.

Using this mode is like declaring martial law on all smartphone operations. It disables all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication. When the screen is off, mobile data transmissions are terminated. Only apps that are essential or that you specifically choose are permitted to run. All colors are outlawed and the screen shifts to grayscale.

Using the Emergency Mode

If your situation looks really grim and battery power isn't your only concern, press down the Power button and select "Emergency Mode" when it displays. This is the best option if you are lost or in danger.

Emergency mode essentially does everything that Ultra Power Saving Mode does, but it gives you additional options, like making an emergency call, sounding an alarm, sending your location data to others and activating the built-in flashlight.

Using Less Features for Longer

On a day-to-day basis, you can squeeze a lot more life out of your battery by turning off power-hungry features in Settings when you don't need them.

If you're not using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS services or Mobile Data services, turn these off in Settings. Turning off Live Wallpapers, reducing screen brightness and turning off the Backlight Timeout setting also go a long way to improving battery life.

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