5 Ways to Use Your Extra Storage Space

Updated November 16, 2015

With 32GB of storage in your Galaxy Tab S2, you must be wondering what to do with all the new-found space. Sure, the Android™ operating system needs some of that lightning-fast storage to do its work, as do your favorite apps—but even then you'll have a couple dozen gigs to spare. It certainly would be a shame to let that space go to waste.

1. Capture the Perfect Selfie

If you take selfies on the Galaxy Tab S2 2.1MP camera, you'll have plenty of room to store them. In fact, you can take a selfie every day for the next 30 years before you'll need to think about deleting some.

2. Make Heaps of Popcorn

Movies look great on the Galaxy Tab S2 Super AMOLED display, so why not load up on a dozen or two? It has enough storage to keep you binging on your favorite flicks for a full weekend—assuming you take a couple breaks to sleep.

3. Read Until Your Eyes Fall Out

So you like to read—go ahead and download a few thousand e-books onto your Galaxy Tab S2. It can store enough books to keep you busy full-time for 12 hours a day for the next 100 years—provided you're a fast reader.

4. Dust Off Those Headphones

Maybe listening to music is your preferred way to get through the day. If so, load up your Galaxy Tab S2 with a few thousand MP3 files, and hit the Play button. You can listen for 16 hours a day for the next four years on shuffle before you'll hear the same track twice.

5. Just Go Crazy

If you like the idea of taking a lifetime of selfies while listening to thousands of songs and reading the entire contents of the Library of Congress, take a look at the side of your Galaxy Tab S2, just below the microphone. That's a slot for a microSD™ card that will give your tablet up to 128GB of additional storage. A 128GB card can hold more music, more photos, more HD video and more apps than anyone really wants to calculate.

Photo Credits: Bianca Kofman/Studio D

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