The Best Gifts for High-School Graduates

School both requires and celebrates your child's best efforts as she progresses from early learner to high school graduation day. Just as you've been with her on every step of her academic journey, you can make your graduation gift a continuing bridge to her next chapter in life. Choose or make a present that shows you know what she loves to do and provides a way for her to include you as she continues onward into adulthood.


For college-bound high school graduates, get a jump on the whirlwind of back-to-school preparations with the gift of a new computer. Notebooks often make better sense than desktop systems in the on-the-go life of a first-semester freshman. Along with a customized case—or a gift card your grad can use to pick out her own—add some fun to your gift by making it the prize in a high-tech miniature scavenger hunt. Send your graduate searching around the house for close-up photos you've taken of parts of the system, including the screen, keyboard and connections. Hide the computer with the last image on the list for a big surprise.

Memory Book

In a twist on the scrapbooking craze, put together a memory book that celebrates your grad's childhood, scholastic achievements, talent show wins, hobbies and pets. Whether you build the book from photos and graphics you create and print on your home computer or compile it digitally, make it a splashy, colorful celebration. For an extra touch of thoughtfulness, include notes from teachers, classmates, babysitters and relatives.


A new smartphone helps your always-texting, always-mobile young adult make the big leap into what comes after high school. When she heads off to college, you'll want her to keep in touch. Whether you choose a phone with a stylus for onscreen handwritten input or one that combines tablet-style features with phone portability, choose a color she'll like and include a case that expresses her style. Accompany it with credits for app purchases or online music to enhance the value of your gift.

Picture Taking

For the budding young photographer, a new camera or camcorder makes a much-appreciated graduation gift. Whether you choose a pocket-sized model to complement her existing hardware or invest in one with interchangeable lenses, include enough memory cards to accommodate long picture-taking sessions. Select a model with Wi-Fi®-enabled features so she can sync her pictures with her smartphone, upload them straight to her social media pages and back them up on her computer. Pair the camera with a tablet that can serve as a digital picture frame as well as a stay-connected source of entertainment and reading material, including how-tos on the latest picture-taking and image-editing techniques.

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