Gifts for Grads of All Ages


You have a grad in your life, you know that there are those important life milestones that are worth celebrating. This year, stand out from the crowd of “Congrats, Grad!” cards and teddy bears dressed in caps and gowns. Whether they are a kid or a kid at heart, every grad deserves a “way to go” gift as they pass important educational milestones.


The Middle-School Grad

Moving up from middle school to high school is a crucial moment. You could think of it as the last lap of the "childhood" track before stepping into young adulthood. There's no small degree of pressure involved, so an ideal grad gift would be both practical and fun. The Level U PRO Wireless Headphones are just the thing. The comfortable, ear-fitting soft gels help block out background noise—perfect for study time—while the speaker units incorporate Samsung's Ultra High Quality Audio technology to make your grad's music sound really, really good. The compact headset's behind-the-neck band won't mess that carefully-achieved hairdo, and it's splash- and sweat-resistant for active wear.


The High-School Grad

That high-school diploma deserves an attention-getting gift, one with plenty of "cool factor." Pragmatism plays a role too, whether the next step is a college dorm room or that first apartment away from home. A Gear VR headset has cool to spare, and it's also a surprisingly practical device. As soon as your grad slips the latest Samsung phone into the lightweight headset, it becomes the ultimate gaming and entertainment tool. State-of-the-art virtual reality games, videos and live broadcasts put the wearer right in the middle of the action, in a way conventional screens can't. With regular streaming content, it simulates a massive home theater system that would never fit in a tiny dorm room. See? Fun and practical.


The College Grad

It's four long years, and a lot of students fall by the wayside, so graduating from college is a Very Big Deal. The ideal gift for your new grad is a professional-quality power tool, such as the new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. Its massive storage—32GB standard, expandable to 200GB—provides huge capacity for storing contacts and information, crucial during those early years when networking and building relationships provide a foundation for lifelong success. The fast wireless charging will help keep your grad on time and on the move, while Samsung Pay provides a convenient and secure way to use the phone for anything from coffees to furnishing a new apartment.


The Graduate-School Grad

For the seriously ambitious, an undergraduate degree just doesn't cut it. Graduate school opens the door to the upper echelon of career options, and calls for a no-compromises gift. The obvious option is Samsung's new Galaxy TabPro S. It's unequivocally built for work, with a full-sized keyboard and the Windows 10 OS. Yet, it's also a super-slim and light tablet with excellent battery life, so it'll have lots of juice left for having fun at the end of the day. Its display uses the same super-AMOLED screens as other Samsung phones and tablets, for deep, rich color and excellent viewability in any lighting conditions.


The Mid-Career Upgrader

Education is a lifelong thing if you're doing it right, and some career choices make it downright mandatory. If your graduate is a mature student who's just finished a career-enhancing upgrade, you'll need a correspondingly grown-up gift. A Gear S2 is just the thing, a timely reminder that life is all about balance. Its fitness apps provide motivation and accountability, aside from simple activity tracking, to help keep your grad's body as active as her mind. It's a potent productivity tool as well, with its own cellular connection. Your grad will be able to check and reply to messages or even make and take calls, without needing to keep a phone nearby.

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