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From the abacus to the tablet, technology and education have always shared a strong relationship. While nothing beats a talented teacher, the right tools elevate your education, whether you need to look up a historical factoid on the go or just block out the study hall chaos.


Your Pocket Pal

The world of academia might be a constant flurry of professor emails and study group texts, but mid-lecture is not the ideal time to start thumb wrestling with your phone; good thing the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge has an unobtrusive Information Stream that displays everything from texts to current events without disrupting your professor or your workflow. When you're out in the open the 3GB of RAM pack the grunt you need for speedy research while a quick charge between classes gives you a few more hours of battery life.


A Galaxy of Flexibility

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A S Pen functionality lets you jot down any notes the teacher can throw at you, and the tablet's 16GB of built-in storage ensures that you'll have plenty of space to use it for every one of your classes—goodbye, bulky binders, and good riddance. Just in case you need to fact check while you scribble (which one was Aristotle and which was Aristophanes, again?) Multi Window makes multi-tasking second nature.


From Home School to Study Abroad

Your study center needs a home base, and that home base is called the Chromebook 2—with an Exynos 5 Octa processor and blazingly fast Wi-Fi speeds, you can open tabs upon tabs about string theory and stream brain-soothing study hall music without a single sign of chugging. For the virtual classroom, a 13.3-inch, low-reflection full HD display makes virtual classroom conferences the next best thing to being there. Oh, and its leather-like finish absolutely goes with your dorm's new futon.


Strong Body, Strong Mind

Exercise can actually bolster your academics: the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois reports that regular exercise makes for more nimble neurons. Strap on a compact Samsung Gear Fit to track your steps, monitor your heart rate, catalog your fitness goals with S Health, and even remind you when it's time to hop off the treadmill and head for your group project meeting. Having a calorie counter on your wrist might not be a bad idea when Taco Tuesday hits the cafeteria, either.


Work and Play

With a compact-but-not-too-compact 23.6" LED display, Samsung's Simple LED Monitor was made for the dorm. This multitasking monitor's ConnectShare USB functionality lets you transport and play media without worrying about space, and it pulls double duty as a TV, too—so you can go right from watching the home team in optimized Sports Mode to proof-reading your physics presentation on the big screen.


Smart Sounds

Whether you need to block out your roomie's questionable music choices or take in a crystal clear audio book as you study on the run, Level U wireless headphones have you covered—and they'll keep covering you for hours. When synced with your smartphone, dual-mic noise cancellation ensures that the people you talk to hear you, and not everyone on the quad.

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