Get into the Game: Tips for Rallying Fellow Fans

Updated February 23, 2015
Shauna Hundeby/DemandMedia

Whichever sport holds your allegiance, there's a lot to be said for watching it with friends and fellow fans. Whether you're among the thousands raising the roof at the stadium, or a half-dozen friends parked in front of the TV, sharing the experience makes it all the more memorable. The right selection of apps on your mobile device can help bring it all together.

USA Sports Radio

Setting the Stage

Whether you're getting together at home or at the stadium, in person or virtually, getting everybody into the right frame of mind is a good starting point. One way to do that is by having everyone catch the same pregame show on the radio. With a mobile app such as USA Sports Radio, you can listen to broadcasts from most major markets across the country. When the game starts, you'll all be up to date on the most recent stats, injuries and lineup changes. Get stoked before the game, whether you're still at work, driving home, or in the kitchen setting out snacks. You can even share the broadcast link with each other on Facebook, so everyone's on the same page.

Sports Fan Sound Box

Let's Get Loud

Pumping up the volume at crucial moments of the game is part of the fun, whether you're part of the "home-team advantage" at the stadium or vicariously joining in from your own living room. With the Sports Fan Sound Box installed on your phones and tablets, you and your friends become a full-blown cheering section in your own right. Choose between crowd noises ranging from cheering to crying, or even opposing groups of supporters doing battle. There are plenty of noisemakers to choose from as well, from stadium horns to the dreaded vuvuzela.


Get Your Chat On

Getting your group organized is another challenge, and a bit of help is always good. You can use Samsung's own ChatON app to keep everybody in the loop, from announcing the game day get-together to helping everybody get to your house. Your navigationally challenged friends can share their location while they're in transit, so you can help them find their way. During the game, use ChatON to message back and forth with friends in other locations, or even at the stadium itself. Ease the pain for latecomers by messaging them clips of the play at the plate, or that unbelievable catch at the back of the end zone.


Making the Rounds

If one or more of your normal game-watching circle can't make it, that doesn't mean they have to be left out of the fun. All you need to bring the whole gang together is a good video chat app, such as Rounds. Bring your missing friend right into the living room—or the stadium, for that matter—with its HD video. Share the jokes, the banter and the big plays in real time, and grab screen shots to capture the memories. If you log in with Facebook, you'll be able to save time by connecting immediately with anyone on your Friends list.

Sports Stats Trivia

Fun and Games

Part of the fun of getting together with friends and fellow fans is challenging each other's knowledge during breaks in the play. Rather than trying to dredge up questions of your own—which gets noticeably harder if you've had a few during the game—install one of the many sports-related trivia apps on your device. For example, Sports Stats Trivia features hundreds of questions about major sports such as basketball, baseball and football, at both the professional and college level. Challenge your friends, and share your scores on Facebook for all the world to see.

Thuuz Sports

Staying En-Thuuz-ed

If a big part of your social life revolves around sports, you need one great app to help keep it all together. That one app might well be Thuuz. Trying to decide what to watch, for your all-day sports binge? Thuuz has you covered with its built-in TV guide. Want to keep tabs on your fantasy players? Thuuz will alert you when players are benched or injured. Even better, while you're watching one game, Thuuz will monitor any others you're interested in and let you know when things are getting intense. You'll know whether to switch to the other game, and you can even circulate the Thuuz updates to your friends in other locations.

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