Galaxy S6 Edge+ Accessories for Music Lovers

Updated October 02, 2015
Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

The Galaxy S6 edge+ packs more than just a sleek, eye-catching design. Hiding in the circuitry beneath that beautiful Quad HD screen is its audio equivalent, Samsung's Ultra High-Quality Audio or UHQA. UHQA works its digital magic to upgrade sound from any source, much as a 4K television improves your old movies on the fly. It's a music lover's dream phone, especially with the addition of a few well-chosen accessories.


Level On Headphones

To take full advantage of the phone's musical mastery, you'll need headphones that also support UHQA. Level On headphones bring that. They've also got Smart Touch—a touch-sensitive control surface—so you don't have to wiggle out your phone in the middle of a crowded bus, just to skip a track or turn up the beats. Think of them as a magic door to your happy place.


Level U Headset

As great as Level On headphones are, they're not really suited for active use. That's when you want the Level U headset, instead. You'll still get UHQA, but in a lightweight format that's better for running, cycling, or diving into the sand after that volleyball. Level U also intelligently blocks background noise while you're talking on the phone, so Mom will hear you but not your rowdy teammates.


S-View Flip Cover

You want your beautiful new phone to be protected at all times, but you also want easy access to your audio controls. What's a music lover to do? Use an S-View cover, of course. You'll have access to your controls through the cover's window, but the rest of that shiny metal and glass stays hidden.


Level Box Mini

Music is a personal thing, but it's also social. When you need to share your tunes with friends, pull out a Level Box Mini. It's small enough to go wherever you do, but it sounds a lot bigger than it looks. Just tap the speaker with your phone—it pairs automatically, no waiting—and you're ready to DJ all night long.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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