Fun Uses of Personal Photos for Wedding Decor

Whether you focus your wedding theme and decor on self-expression and lighthearted humor or simply let your personalities shine through many aspects of a formal decorative theme, pictures of you and your soon-to-be spouse can personalize your venue in surprising as well as traditional ways. From large-scale blowups of nostalgic scenes or shared moments to edible renditions of yourselves, you can tell your story through your wedding decor.

Door No. 1

For an informal wedding, or one that features your sense of humor front and center, use poster-sized photos of yourself and your spouse to direct the wedding party within your venue. Attached to doors, these oversized portraits can mark gathering rooms for each side of the family or differentiate your dressing room from your partner's preparation area. As reception-venue decor, these big pictures can spice up the atmosphere with scenes from your respective childhoods, a moment from your first date or close-ups of your clasped hands. Gather high-resolution photos from your digital camera or smartphone and take them to a printer who can output them on a large-format device.

On the Table

Use candid photos of yourselves as part of the table decorations in your reception hall. Attached to or incorporated into individual table identifiers, your photos add a personal touch to the markers that guide guests to their places. If you use place cards to direct guests to assigned seats, use candid photos of your guests instead of their names to mark who sits where. At a small, casual wedding that deliberately sets a quirky vibe, turn your photos into place mats at each dining seat and place additional prints in sealed canning jars.

Make a Guest Book

The guest book serves both as keepsake and as reference material, providing you with a cohesive list of attendees and their addresses. It can simplify preparing thank-you notes as well as preserve part of the memory of your special day. Turn your personal photos into a custom guest book through an online service that can produce a bound volume from your uploaded image files. For a digital twist on the traditional sign-in volume, set up your guest log on a tablet device instead, with your photos incorporated into its virtual pages. Play a musical selection through a home theater system or audio dock to integrate the guest-book area into the rest of the reception, if you've set the book up in a separate room.

Informally Yours

Receptions range from large-scale formal affairs to shoes-off dance-a-thons. If yours falls closer to the casual end of the spectrum, pair a small formal cake for your posed, official slicing photos with cupcakes adorned with your photos from your digital files, rendered in edible ink. Formal or not, you can add enjoyment with a rented photo booth, either one that prints out images for guests to take with them or a Wi-Fi enabled setup that streams images to a tablet device and on to social media. For a carnival-inspired reception theme, hire the set-building team from a local community or university theater to build a photo cutout, a freestanding image with holes for guests' heads to pop through as they have their pictures taken. Provide the builders with a reference photo of you and spouse to form the basis of the painted set piece.

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