Fun Things to Have at a College Party

For most college students, their years on campus mark the beginning of life on their own, including time for life outside the classroom. Even the most diligent member of the Dean's list attends or throws the occasional party. If it's your turn to host a get together, let your suite of technological devices help elevate your evening. Your refreshments may not go beyond chips, dip and soda, but your entertainment can boost the enjoyment factor from mild to memorable.

Musical Entertainment

No party can call itself complete without music. You've compiled an extensive list of favorite tunes on your smartphone, tablet or notebook. If you've synched your libraries, you can use the speakers on your computer, or a set you've plugged in to it, to provide party sounds from a playlist you compile especially for the event. An audio dock or system lets you plug in your devices or connect wirelessly to them and expand the audio levels to higher volumes. If your friends bring tunes they want to add to the playlist, they can plug a tablet or smartphone into the dock.

TV & Movies

If you brought a TV to school, your dorm room or apartment probably attracts neighbors from up and down the hall when a hit show airs or your school's teams play a big game. That same set can form part of the life of the party. With a 3D-capable TV and a small crowd, your friends can bring their special glasses and watch a movie on Blu-ray disc. Add a smart TV to your Internet connection, and you can stream live entertainment, search for shows, enjoy programming courtesy of apps specially designed for your screen, and even control your set with your voice.

Home Theater

Living outside the dorm has its advantages, including enough space to set up a home theater system in conjunction with your TV and other devices. With three, six, eight or more speakers, surround sound turns movie watching into an immersive experience that can transform a group movie-watching party into an event worthy of theater-quality snacks. Look for a system that includes all the components you need—amplification, speakers, connections—in one coordinated package. Some systems even include wire-free subwoofers to simplify the setup of multi-speaker audio.

Camera & Photos

College parties can provide some of the best memories from your school days, including friends who become part of your circle for years to come. Without pictures, some of those enjoyable evenings—and the styles you wore at the time—fade at least partially in recollection. Catch party scenes with your digital camera, or the camera in your smartphone, and post them directly to social media, or simply back them up to your notebook. Now that cameras also can shoot video footage, you can capture even more of your party scene to enjoy later.

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