Fun Office Accessories

Along with customized reminder notes, pencil sharpeners that look like cameras, and stamps and stickers with clever commentaries on office life, you can combine style and a sense of humor in the digital accessories you incorporate in your work area. Whether they add color, enhance your ability to take a music break, help take care of your gadgets or keep them from getting lost, these accessories can make the difference between trying to get work done and actually succeeding at your tasks.

Digital Organization

Productivity helps make work enjoyable. When you keep your office equipment organized, you spend less time looking for what you need. Your primary data accessories include memory cards for smartphones, cameras and camcorders, all of which feature compact sizes that put them in the easy-to-misplace category. Tame these essentials with a dedicated storage box for cards and USB flash drives. To personalize your storage box, take it home and let the younger generation decorate it for you with stickers and markers. Keep your cables and connections organized and unkinked with a rack that holds them securely in place.

Notebook Helpers

If you work in a corporate environment that limits the extent to which you can express yourself through your computing accessories, carry your notebook system on the road in style with a custom case in your favorite color. Entrepreneurs and road warriors with employers who don't discourage creativity can extend these decorative motifs farther. Rather than decorating your computer case itself, insert a sleeve that features photo pockets for family pictures. A wireless keyboard helps you relax while you work, putting the typing surface on your lap without the whole computer. Ease the process of working in a bilingual environment with a keyboard skin that accommodates your second language.

Tablet Add-Ons

The stylus for your tablet helps you write and annotate work on its screen, but the slender gadget can wander off if you don't put it away securely. A pen case keeps it in place and offers you an opportunity to show off your school colors. To tip your hat to your fondness for golf, choose a case that looks like it should hold miniature clubs. Add a stylish cover to protect your tablet's screen. You can choose from a wide range of colors or stock up on your favorite shades. To make your portable device easy to use when you're on the go, traveling across the country or around the world, add a travel charger that accommodates various types of outlets and power sources.

Phone Accessories

Today's smartphones offer such broad functionality that they've almost outgrown the "phone" portion of their name. Indulge your taste for music with concert-quality sound from a set of earbuds built for audio enjoyment. Upgrade your Bluetooth headset to a stylish model in your favorite color and stock up on spare ear hooks so you won't be caught without a replacement.

Like all your other portable communications devices, your smartphone deserves a colorful cover. Depending on your phone model and the cover you choose, you may be able to protect your screen and still view basic information, including the current time. If your phone supports programmable tags, you can use an app to create task sequences that your phone executes when you tap it onto a tile that you associate with a specific action or activity. These sequences can text or email, place calls, play a wake-up alarm, engage with social media sites, bookmark Web pages and launch apps.

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