Fun Ideas for Wedding Pictures With a Bridal Party

Whether you hire a professional photographer for your wedding or crowdsource the photos among guest’s cameras, smartphones and camcorders, you can't rely solely on inspiration and spontaneity to ensure that you wind up with the images you want. Make a shot list of the must-have groups and poses your cameraman can follow or your friends can divide among themselves to ensure you capture every special moment.

Props to You

When you assemble a group of people for a photo, a professional photographer can make a respectable portrait out of uninspiring lineups. Before your opportunities to capture all your relatives or your entire wedding party turn into mundane photos, spice up the moment with some well-chosen, imaginative props. Ask all the group members to grab their smartphones and pretend to ignore you and your new spouse while you gaze into each other's eyes. Cluster the entire crowd around a high-definition TV as if you're all cheering for your favorite sports team, formal wear notwithstanding. Turn on a media player, trigger a toe-tapping dance number and ask everyone to show off their best moves. Whether the props appear in the subjects' hands or influence the composition of the shot, they can elevate important but uninteresting images into comedy, joy or inspired silliness.

Special Effects

Assemble your entire wedding party in an outdoor clearing, empty ballroom or other open space and ask the whole bunch to run toward the camera with a look of feigned terror. With the resulting image in hand, hire a digital illustrator to composite the group with a photorealistic predator that appears to be close on your heels. Whether dinosaur, space creature, movie-style monster or villain, any oversized threat transforms your staged photo into a classic. If you're adept at image-editing software yourself, fire up your computer and give the image your own interpretative treatment.

Know Your Angles

In many cases, the difference between a memorable image and a so-so photo of the same subjects lies in the carefully calculated angles from which a pro captures that make up a wedding day. If you're taking some pictures yourself, look through the viewfinder at your scene and analyze the two-dimensional version of it that will make up your photograph. Scan the background for avoidable obstacles and position your subjects where you won't wind up with annoyances to retouch away. Alternatively, you can use the lack of the third dimension to produce interesting or humorous effects.

Close-ups and Candids

Make room in your list of must-have photos for an abundance of candid photos and carefully composed individual close-ups of each person in the wedding party. Weddings bring together multiple generations of families that otherwise may not wind up in the same room together often, so take full advantage of the opportunity to document the range of aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents in attendance.

Photo Credits: Sarah Vantassel/Demand Media

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