Fun Games that Include a Webcam

If you or someone in your family loves playing computer games, webcam-based games are a fun way to add some physical activity to your gaming experience. These games not only free you from the keyboard and mouse, they give you a chance to get up out of the chair and into the center of the action by controlling the game with physical gestures and body movements. These games are designed for children and adults of all ages and most of them are available for free online.

Free Single-Player Games

Pop bubbles with your finger, dodge falling construction debris, dress up in different virtual costumes, or even shield the earth from incoming asteroids with your hands. There are plenty of free webcam-based games online to keep you and your family active for hours. In most cases you will have to hold still for several seconds so the software can get a lock on your position with the camera. Once that's set up, these games will keep you active and entertained for hours.

Free Sports Games

If you and your family want to shoot some hoops or play other sports on a rainy day, several choices wait for you online. For example, there’s a basketball game that requires a realistic throwing motion to get the ball through the hoop. You can play alone or with a friend on the same computer. Other webcam sports games available today include dodgeball, ping pong, soccer and even a webcam-based version of pong.

Free Multiplayer Games

Although they are not as prevalent as single-player games a few online games give you a chance to play with someone else. Some games combine action, music and webchat into a virtual dance party. Read the instructions for protecting your identity before letting your child play any multiplayer game.

Your Own Games

Unlike console games, there are not many family-friendly PC games available for purchase that integrate a camera into their design. However, this doesn't mean you can't use your webcam while playing a PC game with a friend online, provided you don't play the game in full-screen mode. Just launch your favorite video chat app and drag it into the corner of your desktop. You can then enjoy the company of your online friend while you play any other game on your computers and even take breaks for the occasional staring contest or a rock-paper-scissors match.

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