Flat-Screen Mounting Ideas for a Bedroom

Your new flat-screen television's light weight and low profile make it a great bedroom addition, but a lack of furniture, wall space or a bad case of mounter's block may leave you puzzled about placement. Mounting keeps your new premium TV unobtrusive, gives you the perfect angle and viewing distance, and keeps it safe from little fingers and curious paws.

Fastened Flush

A standard wall mount requires no additional furniture and puts your TV high enough to view it from any angle. You'll select your mount based on the size and type of the television as well as the type of adjustment option you prefer—like tilt, swivel, pan or extension.

Corner Perch

Unlike a flat wall mount, a corner mount maximizes otherwise unusable space and is manageable even when flat wall real estate isn't available. Triangular mounting hardware is made especially for the purpose, but your TV can be attached using a standard extension wall mount that's placed close to the corner. Be sure to test multiple angles before mounting so you're not stuck sitting on top of your dresser to get the best view.

Ceiling Sanctuary

No wall space available? Your bedroom ceiling is another option for mounting the TV—and you're not limited to extending it downward with a ceiling or arm extension mount. For the ultimate in reclined viewing comfort, select a mount that fastens it flush against the ceiling.

Clever Camouflage

If interior design with aesthetic balance is your number one priority, be creative in camouflaging your flat screen in the surrounding environment. A custom wooden frame and a wall mount turns the TV screen into artwork when you're not actively watching. You can also suspend it within an unused fireplace opening or cut a recess out of your wall for the TV and then hinge-mount a frame over the top.

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