First Look at CES 2016 Winner: The Gear S2

Updated January 07, 2016

When you create a smartwatch that looks this good, you’re bound to turn a few heads. Yet the Samsung Gear S2 offers much more than a pretty face. That’s why fans won’t be too surprised that it has won an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Innovation Award this year in Las Vegas.

Award-Winning Innovation

Watches are no longer a thing of the past. When a beautiful design converges with superb engineering, the true meaning of innovation unfolds.

The Gear S2 joins 37 other Samsung products that received CES Innovation Awards this year, as judged by leading designers, engineers and technology experts, across 27 categories.

Innovative Movement

Why limit yourself to tapping the screen and pushing buttons? When you need to scroll through messages, zoom in, or skip to the next track of a playlist, just give the bezel a twist. After a few turns, you’ll wonder why it isn’t standard on all smartwatches.

Innovative Functions

The Gear S2 does everything you would expect from a smartwatch, plus a lot of things you wouldn’t.

Monitor your pulse. Get notifications on your caffeine intake.

If you plan on going out, feel free to leave your phone at home if you have a 3G or 4G carrier. The Gear S2 has enough storage to play 300 songs all on its own.

Innovative Partners

Success rarely comes from working alone. Check out the apps to get even more from the Gear S2. You can use it to lock up your car and even check on your house while you’re away.

If you’re looking for a new look, change out your watch strap. Samsung has teamed up with Italian designer Alessandro Mendini for additional bands, making the watch look not just smart, but sexy too.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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