Father's Day Gift Ideas for College Kids

If you've already given Dad sweatshirts and hats decorated with the name of your college, it's time to take Father's Day gift-giving to a newly imaginative level. Last-minute clichés such as a tie, socks, cuff links or restaurant discount coupons can't reflect your unique relationship, even if he'll use the gift. Celebrate his special role in your life with a technology-inspired present that won't take the last dollar out of your wallet.

Picturing Dad

You may need Mom's help to put together all the photos for an online family-history gallery, but Dad will love flipping through images ranging from wedding day moments to your baby pictures and on through your off-to-college move. He'll sit with his tablet device in his lap and stroll through the memories, thanking you for your thoughtful creativity. To keep the photos in the family, make the gallery private and email him the link from your smartphone, or load the entire sequence directly on his tablet so it's his alone. If he's fond of taking pictures, a tabletop tripod for his smartphone will stabilize his shots.

Gadget Gifts

For a dad who shares your love of technology, supplement the devices he already uses with thoughtful add-ons that extend their functionality. String a handful of memory cards for his smartphone or camera onto a piece of thread or wire and hang it from his favorite chair. Give him a smartphone app that covers his favorite sport or provides hand-held gaming that matches his favorite amusements. Pick up an extra pair of 3D glasses for the HDTV in the family media room so he's not left out of the viewing fun. If his current camcorder lags behind the 3D capabilities and water, shock and dust resistance of a pocket sports cam, upgrade his gear with a new model. From accessories to upgrades, you can keep him entertained.

Fun in the Kitchen

Chef Dad loves to cook, especially in the convection oven of your family's new range. Because a convection range uses fan-forced hot air to seal roasts and create fine-grained baked goods, it benefits from utensils that don't block the airflow. Add to Dad's cookware collection with flat cookie sheets or shallow roasting pans that match his convection capabilities. Supplement his range-top mastery with flat-bottomed, ferrous-metal pans that work directly on the range's induction cooktop, which uses magnetic energy instead of direct heat. To complement a new refrigerator that serves carbonated water through the freezer door, pick up a set of glasses that fit the dispenser perfectly.

Energy-Smart Presents

Honor Dad's commitment to green living and energy conservation, and help him replace the incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulbs in recessed fixtures and table lamps with LED light sources. LED bulbs outlast all other lighting technologies, including fluorescents and offer warm or cool illumination to suit. For areas in which a regular lamp or light fixture won't fit, or to supplement direct lighting with an indirect glow, give him LED lighting tape that he can cut to fit and mount under kitchen cabinets or around architectural details.

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