How the Family Hub Makes Your Food Happy

Updated December 31, 9999
Ilias Sounas

Your food makes up its own ecosystem. And not just because of the whole "food chain" thing—when you pack your Family Hub full of grub, that thing basically becomes Food City. Sure, the Family Hub has three interior cameras, but here's what happens when you're not keeping an eye on things. Or at least, what we'd like to imagine happens.

Ilias Sounas

The Mega Chill Zone

To your food friends, that crisper drawer is a locally sourced, fair-trade, eco-friendly farmer's market. The kind where a breeze that's as cool as you want it to be (thanks to FlexZone custom cooling) flows over kale doing kundalini yoga and carrots throwing down some earthy acoustic jams.

Ilias Sounas

The Condiment Concert

All those door racks bring condiments together, and that's where they rock out—ketchup jams to the oldies, mustard digs hip-hop, and you know sriracha is way into dubstep. But what's a concert without selfies? Use those interior cameras to catch your mayo headbanging to Family Hub's Pandora app.

(Or just use them at the store to check on your fridge's condiment situation. Either way.)

Ilias Sounas

Meathead's Gym

You always knew your charcuterie was into crossfit. How do you think your meat got so high in iron? From pumping it, bro. Once it hits the Family Hub, salami starts squatting and the steak's doing bench presses.

Good thing the triple cooling system helps keep humidity levels just right—no one wants sweaty bacon.

Ilias Sounas

Le Cafe de FlexZone

FlexZone cooling can turn one of your bottom-door fridges into a bottom door freezer or wine cooler with the press of the button. When it's the latter, this is where your wine gathers to sip a macchiato, eat crepes, and write a screenplay on its laptop.

Ilias Sounas

The Land of Forgotten Leftovers

When you've got a four-door smart fridge, you're bound to forget about a few snacks. In the faraway Land of Forgotten Leftovers, half-eaten pizza slices dwell in existential dread, forever seeking an eater.

You should probably go ahead and use that Allrecipes app for some inspiration—save these guys from the leftover void. You're their only hope.

Photo Credits: Ilias Sounas

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