Fun Family Ideas for an Evening at Home

Weekly family home evenings have been a tradition in American families for many years as a way of encouraging family values, togetherness and a deeper understanding of each other. Planning fun new activities each week will ensure that your family looks forward to this time together as much as you do.

Board Games

Few games spark interaction between family members as much as a board game. Compared to video games, which usually emphasize graphics and create an immersive, non-communicative experience for the players, board games encourage discussion and even collaboration between players. Even if you don't have that favorite board game in your closet anymore, you can still show your children what it's like to play old-school with a board game app on your computer, tablet or Smart TV. These apps are inexpensive compared to the latest console games and don't require cleanup when the game is over.

Karaoke Night

Pick up a microphone and crank up the speakers. Instead of letting technology entertain your family, have everyone in your family entertain each other with a Karaoke night. With a free app installed on your TV, tablet or PC, you can have instant access to thousands of songs. Letting your children pick their own songs is a good way to stay current with what they most like to listen to. It's also a good way for parents to share their past by playing golden oldies from the 1990s.

Movie Night, With a Twist

Before streaming video, movies were once a premier event in most homes. Instead of watching whatever happens to be available, have a discussion with your family about which new video release they would most want to see and then plan an evening around the event. Cook a meal or prepare some snacks together based on the upcoming film. For even more fun, get out your video camera and reenact your favorite scenes or make your own spin-off, letting everyone take turns as actors, set designers and directors.

Home Away From Home

If you have a child away at college or a grandparent or other beloved member of your family who lives away, there's no reason why they can't join your evening. Attach a webcam and microphone to your TV or bring your laptop into your kitchen or family room. If you synchronize your meals, you can all eat together, swap stories and reminisce. If you play the same movie at the same time, you can even watch that together, swapping off-screen comments as if that person were sitting on the couch beside you.

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