Experience the Great Indoors

Updated December 31, 9999

Stay in. It’s about to get good.

When temperatures drop, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the great indoors. So, turn your space heater on high, get under your favorite blanket, and check out some of the cool ways Galaxy entertains you when the weather is freezing.

Explore virtual reality

What if you could feel like you’re surfing an arctic wave while sitting comfortably by the fire in your robe and wool socks? Or, if you could see the wintry slopes of Copper Mountain, practically tasting the cold air, and yet be lying snug and cozy in bed? By going to SamsungVR.com or getting the Samsung VR app you can see video from all over the world, and now you can use your smartphone, tablet, desktop or Samsung Gear VR to basically be in two places at once. Bam.

Learn a new language

Warm, sunny days are not far off, and with them comes the travel bug. Where will your next trip take you? With apps like Duolingo or Phrasebook, you can learn handy phrases in a number of languages, while also boosting your speaking and listening comprehension skills.

Download a podcast

Whether you like comedy, sentimental stories, off-the-wall science facts, mythology or quilting, there’s a podcast for you. Browse hundreds of shows on the Google Play™ Store—you’re bound to find a few favorites. But be warned, binge-listening is a real thing, so make sure you have ample snacks nearby as you listen to episode after episode.

Plan a fitness regimen

The best part about planning a fitness regimen is that the blood, sweat and tears are still somewhere in the distant future. Sit back, relax and use your time indoors to download apps that’ll help you keep track of your goals. Or, create a profile within S Health. This app monitors your heart rate, records the number of calories you’ve burned, and the steps you’ve taken. If, for some reason, you’re feeling particularly inspired or energetic, you could always queue up a fitness video on your phone and work out right then and there.

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