Essential Telecommuting Tools and Gadgets

With the right gadgets and equipment, you can turn your daily travel to and from work into a productive part of your day. Whether you ride a bus, train, bike or car to work, you can use technology to keep up with your daily responsibilities, track your progress on tasks or learn a foreign language. Leave your desk behind and take advantage of mobile technologies to enhance your telecommuting experience while staying connected.


Cords can catch on seat belts and rails, and they take time to wrap properly to prevent damage to your headsets, pens, keyboards and writing pads. Invest in Bluetooth technologies to reduce the number of cords you carry around with you. Consider purchasing a Bluetooth-enabled mouse for your laptop. You can also purchase Bluetooth speakers for use with any of your Bluetooth-capable devices. Use your smartphone or tablet to send emails, communicate with friends and schedule meetings before you get to your destination. For longer trips, purchase a rechargeable battery pack to keep your mobile devices operational for the duration of the trip.

Smartphone Tiles

Go beyond the typical smartphone and invest in new near field communication technologies that allow you to program activities you perform regularly onto programmable NFC tiles. When it comes time to access a program, tap your smartphone against the tile, and the function you programmed with the tile's app automatically launches. Place a tile in a convenient location in your car to receive news alerts, estimated distance to a destination or bring up a rundown of the days events, for example.

Go Beyond Smart

A tablet can replace many of the functions that your computer and smartphone can perform. Most tablets maintain a long battery life and provide a large enough surface to comfortably watch your favorite movie, edit a document or download an app to run advanced productivity and entertainment apps. With cellular data access, you can also browse the Web and download new apps. Consider purchasing a magnetic book cover for your tablet to convert it between a standard case design to a stand for watching movies hands free. If you forget a document at home, you can remotely connect to your home computer directly or access your online storage to view your documents on your supported mobile device.

Documenting Your Travels

Purchase a wireless-capable camera and take pictures on the go. Tether your smartphone and connect your tablet to your hot spot. After you are connected, you can share your photos to supported websites and stream the images to all your connected devices. When you arrive at your destination, show friends and family your photos on a supported television or send them to the cloud to securely store your images. Using the built-in software, you can also use voice commands and advanced menu screens to edit and control your device.

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