Technically Speaking with Christiana

Christiana: So this is the next blog that I’m going to post, “Ten Incredible Plus Size Fashion Bloggers Redefining Beauty”. I love it.

Christiana: Being happy with the way that you’re dressed gives you confidence to take on the world and I think that’s something that every woman should feel. I’m Christiana White and I am the owner and CEO of The Moxie Fox. The Moxie Fox is a mobile and online luxury boutique for women sizes 14 and up. Health and wellness has always been a huge part of my life. Before starting the business, I worked in the weight loss and image industry for 9 years. One of the things I learned is that many women were really uncomfortable shopping in regular stores. They could not find a beautiful dress for a party or to go on a date. I heard that frustration again and again and again, and it always struck me as really wrong. And that’s where The Moxie Fox comes in.

Christiana: What really makes my business one of a kind is our pop up shops. I’m on my way to Simply Irresistible Salon. We’re going to meet several women, let them try on some clothing and give them the tips that they need so they can pull off a great look for their special event. Being mobile has really helped me to grow the business into a modern shopping experience.

Christiana: Hi, nice to meet you.

Christiana: We’re all set up and we are ready to show off everything that we brought to the wonderful ladies that have been invited.

Christiana: So if you kind of wonder, what should I pair with what, we’d be happy to give you some styling advice for that as well.

Christiana: Really I can be anywhere and just with my cellphone, process a transaction, email a woman a receipt and she can take her clothing home with her right then. The fact that a woman can send an email and get a pop up shop at her house or at her office, I think that’s next level service and care and it’s really something I’m very proud of.

Christiana: Can I please get a picture of you? It’s so great. You look like a million dollars.

Christiana: Because I always have a device in my hand, I am able to access everything that I need: all my photos, all my client contacts, all of the different lines.

Woman: Go back to that -- I want to see the dress that I tried on. Oh that’s that jacket. That looks so cute.

Christiana: Technology is the foundation of my business.

Christiana: You’re my new best friend. Woman: Yeah, new best friend.

Christiana: When a woman puts on something that makes her feel beautiful, stylish, fashionable, her confidence shines through.

Woman: Thank you so much. Christiana: You’re so welcome!

Christiana: When she says ‘thank you for taking the time to provide something for me that I really struggled to find’, it’s all worth it. That is why The Moxie Fox exists.

Technically Speaking spotlights women who use technology to pursue their dreams, on their terms. Female apparel entrepreneur Christiana White takes us through a day in her life running an online luxury boutique for plus sized women, the Moxie Fox. From pop up shops to managing her inventory Christiana's business is always at her finger tips.

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