Technically Speaking with Jacq

Music: Only ‘cause I know, I know that your heart is home. Jacq : There’s so many different artforms that are wonderful. That music, I think, can change your entire mood, like in a moment. Music: So I can taste a sweet light TK Jacq: I’m Jacq Becker. I am a singer songwriter. Music: I just want you by my side all night. Jacq: My childhood growing up in Newport Beach and I was in every sort of dance and singing group around. Like, the show choir stuff. So we were tap dancing, we were Jazz hands, we were doing all sorts of bits.

I moved to LA without knowing anyone in the music industry. So I got an internship at a record label with an opportunity for me to really learn the whole art of songwriting. And, that’s why I first started to meet people.

As a musician organization is key. In the ability to sync all my gadgets and of course being able to store and organize all of my muses and sessions into my laptop is huge. I have all the tools that I need to… to promote myself. It gives me the ability to be my own marketing department for myself. Samsung Cell Phone: Hello? Jacq: Wuff? What up it’s Jacq! So we’re going to meet at the studio at one right? Cell phone (Wuff): Yeah, I’ll be there at one. Jacq: Bye Jacq: There’s definitely frustration but I think that frustration and creativity go hand in hand. It’s like you can’t have one without the other so I learned that you kind of need to let that go and just focus on the creative process. Music: I’ll go above or down below. Jacq: When a fan tells me that they’re moved by my music or what they just heard, it really means the world to me and keeps the creative spark alive. Music: I’m down just so you know.

Technically Speaking spotlights women who use technology to pursue their dreams, on their terms. Singer Songwriter Jacq Becker takes us through a day of her life. Learn how she uses her Samsung devices to organize her creative life. From working at home to recording in the studio Jacq shows us what it takes to be a singer songwriter.

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