Technically Speaking with Teca

Teca: Every time I can make somebody healthier and happier and change their perspective on eating for the better, I think that’s a success story. My name is Teca Thompson and I am the creator and owner of Teca’s Edible Gardens. My clients are families, homeowners and some of them I do the one and done planting and they have time to maintain it and keep it up and provide it for their children or if they don’t want to, if they’re busy professionals, I will teach you how to grow harvest organic vegetables and fruit and then teach you how to cook it if you like. What drew me to this line of work was kind of natural progression. So I grew up on a three hundred acre ranch, all my life I’ve kind of had that experience of milking goats every day before school and then went on to La Cordon Bleu. I graduated top of my class in 2008. Once I had my son, I moved down here to San Diego. All my training was there, I just really had to dream up the concept of what was my ideal. My idea is to do something I love, be able to support myself and my family, be able to take my son with me, be able to give him something of value that he could keep, creating a legacy. Most of my time is spent working in the soil with plants, but the very important things like staying connected, staying in touch with clients, them finding me online, whether it's shooting informational videos on my tablet or to writing proposals on my laptop, so it’s really a technical business that is very nature-oriented. A normal day consists of not only getting new clients and providing them with new vegetable gardens but maintaining and continuing with the clients I currently have. It’s a big thing for me to show my clients my progress because I don’t know if everyone knows exactly what I’m doing out there. Carlos: How Quick from onset to formation will this happen? Teca: As far as the arugula transplants we can start doing this right away. To start from a little bitty seed to grow into like a vine that feeds a family, it’s big process so if I can document that process I feel like I can involve people more. Know you have to be patient, you have to work hard, but eventually the name will get out there, the information will get out there, I think the testimonies from clients if they’re happy and I eventually see my business going up the coast. To know that I can help somebody and they can have a better life, and I can show them something that for me is so simple and easy, and seems like second nature, but for them like really was life-changing, that’s really a satisfying feeling.

Technically Speaking spotlights women who use technology to pursue their dreams, on their terms. Meet Teca Thompson, the owner and creator of Teca's Edible Gardens. We tag along as she takes us through a typical day of working with clients and technology.

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