Technically Speaking with Whitney, Part 2

Whitney: My name is Whitney and I am the founder and designer of Bikini Thief Swimwear. Joanna: I have this super high profile client. Whitney: The catch is we need to get her something within the next 24 hours. Brad: The factories are full right now. They’re working on your other stuff. How can I stop that? Whitney: So today we are headed out to my manufacturer to find out if we can actually pull this off. I was sweating bullets the whole drive over there, but we got to get the suit, we got to shoot the suit, and we got to sell the suit. I’m caffeinated and I’m ready to go. Whitney: I forgot to confirm her measurements. Can we cut an extra small and a small? Sorry. Brad: No problem. Whitney: I totally dropped the ball on that. I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now. Brad: I contacted the team. They’re going to put everything aside and do it for you. Whitney: I think the client is going to love it. Brad: It works. Whitney: Yay! I love you. Dan: Hello, this is Dan. Whitney: Hey, it’s Whitney. Dan: What’s up? Whitney: What are you doing right now? Whitney: Dan is a photographer that I use quite often. Whitney: Listen, I have a huge favor to ask you. Dan: What’s up? Whitney: I have an opportunity to do a custom suit for a client. Are you available in like two hours to run out to matador with me and just shoot it with my friend on the beach? Brad: That’s going to be real tough, Whit. I rented out all my equipment. Whitney: Is there any way we can figure something out? It doesn’t have to be your usual bells and whistles. I mostly just need your eye. Brad: Let me see what I can do. Whitney: Alright, call me back. Whitney: The photography is everything. You could have the most beautiful product in the world but if it isn’t photographed right, you’re not going to sell it. Whitney: That’s awesome. Now look at me and smile. That’s beautiful. You look awesome. The lighting is perfect. Look out at the water. Pull the suit up a little bit. There you go. Yeah, just the top. Dan: I like that. Whitney: That’s cool. I really like that. Dan: She looks a little edgy right? Whitney: Yeah. She looks muscular too. That’s really cool. I like the texture of the background. We got a good one. Whitney: 24 hours to pull together a custom suit, get it made, photograph it, and the client said yes. It was a huge win for us. Whitney: A day like today teaches me that you have to be flexible. You have to be versatile. It’s really not for the feign of heart. I definitely feel empowered by my team. They empower me and at the end of the day I empower them as well. It’s crucial for all of us to be able to communicate on the fly. I always say there’s no way that we could do a business like this ten years ago without the technology that we have today. I think the future of Bikini Thief is just the sky is the limit.

Technically Speaking spotlights women who use technology to pursue their dreams, on their terms. Whitney, an up-and-coming fashion designer, uses Samsung products to design, manage, and market her own line of women's swimwear. In Part 2 of her story, we see if she can create a custom swimsuit in time for a high-profile client's photo opportunity.

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