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Using technology to teach children basic skills such as their ABC's, reading and math is becoming more and more common. Kids are simply drawn to touchscreen devices. Depending on the age of the child, learning something as simple as hand-eye coordination by moving shapes around on a screen can be extremely beneficial. Learn what apps on your smartphone can help to set your kids up for success.

Image courtesy Happy Coloring

Stay Within the Lines

The feeling of coloring with a crayon and paper can never be replaced, but it can be imitated. A free app called Happy Coloring will help teach a child hand-eye coordination by selecting various colors and tapping different regions. There's a healthy list of different photos and animals for the child to choose from when selecting what they'd like to color. And best of all, when the child's masterpiece is finished, he can save it to your device and share it.

Image courtesy Kids Learning Numbers

1, 2, 3

Learning to count using fingers and toes is still a tried and true method. But learning to associate a number said out loud with the written number and word is still something that requires an additional tool. In the past it may have been a book or flashcards, and now it can be your smartphone. By using Kids Learning Numbers your kids will be able to listen to the numbers while visualizing how each one is spelled.

Image courtesy Mermaid Puzzles for Toddlers and Little Girls FREE

Put the Pieces in the Right Place

Helping a child learn how to problem solve is another skill technology can help us teach. Using Mermaid Puzzles for Toddlers and Little Girls FREE, your child will be asked to move puzzle pieces into sections of the screen that are constantly moving. After the missing pieces are placed in the proper place, a celebratory school of fish fill up the screen. It's a fun app that's sure to get a reaction from the kids.

Image courtesy Preschool Books & Nursery Rhymes

A Long List of Books

Some of us learn from a strictly visual standpoint, while others need to hear, see and even go hands-on to get the most out of being taught. Preschool Books & Nursery Rhymes offers a free set of books and services to teach young kids the ABC's, numbers, animals, fruits, writing and more.

Image courtesy Alphabets & Numbers Tracing for Kids

Books for the Older Kids

For the older kids who may be more familiar with letters and numbers, the same developer of the Preschool Books & Nursery Rhymes app has created Alphabets & Numbers Tracing for Kids. This app is designed to help kids learn how to write letters and numbers, draw lines and various shapes by tracing patterns displayed on the screen. Each object is spoken by the app, and a demonstration is overlaid onto the object before the child begins tracing.

Image courtesy Kids Nursery Rhyme The Wheels on the Bus

What's Happening on the Bus?

The Wheels On The Bus is a classic we all remember reciting countless times while growing up. By installing the free Kids Nursery Rhyme The Wheels on the Bus app on your smartphone, not only will you be continuing the tradition of teaching this song, but you'll also help your child learn how to start associating the words in the song with words displayed on the screen. You can set the app to play the song automatically, or require the kids to scroll through it as they sing.

Image courtesy Alphabet Car Lite

Drive the Bus

Another interactive way to learn letters and how to spell smaller words is to drive a bus toward letters while driving down the road. Alphabet Car Lite lets children play a bus driver whose only job is to drive toward the next letter in the word they are attempting to spell. The Lite version is free, with a Pro version available at $2.99.

Image courtesy Kids Memory Game Plus Lite

Can You Remember?

Memory games help increase problem-solving skills while also building the tools required for a strong memory. Kids Memory Game Plus Lite is a free memory app for children with various boards and themes to grab the kids' attention. The Lite version includes five free boards, while the Pro addition sells for under $1 and includes four more games. Boards include letters, numbers, shapes and objects.

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