Easy Tips on How to Organize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should serve as a sanctuary, a peaceful private place centered around making yourself look and feel your best. Organizing doesn't mean perfection; it means a workable plan for what to put where and a firm commitment to limiting the hoarding tendencies that overstuff the room.

Keeping It Clean

Instead of dropping soiled clothes in a pile or letting your hamper overflow before you use the laundry room, invest in a multi-bin sorter and separate dry cleaning from laundry, whites from colors and delicates from hot-water wash items. To avoid wasting clothes-rod space on empty hangers, take them to the laundry room and hang up clean clothes straight out of the dryer. As you hang and fold, give each item a close look for signs that it's overstayed its welcome. Bag worn, frayed garments for the donation box, or turn them into raw material for crafts. To make laundry day even more efficient, track your washer and dryer's cycle progress on your smartphone—if your equipment supports remote monitoring—and save time checking for completed cleaning cycles.

Rings, Watches & Other Jewelry

Whether your jewelry collection centers around engagement and wedding rings, costume jewelry or vintage pieces from estate sales and family heirlooms, losing your precious gems to a burglary could cost you if you can't document what you owned. Photograph each piece in your collection on your digital camera and store copies of the images in another location, either a physical storage site such as a bank safe deposit box or an online "cloud" repository. While you're in a surveying mood, pull out your camcorder and document the entire house with a carefully narrated walk-through that highlights what you have, where you got it and its approximate value.

Let Me Entertain You

Using up the top of your dresser to house a TV and its associated A/V gear wastes critical space. Instead, get your set off the furniture with a wall-mount kit and reclaim the area it took up. If you use a home theater setup or audio dock with your TV, look for wall-mounting hardware that integrates a shelf below the set, and put all your entertainment technology together. A Smart TV can play back audio sources wirelessly from other rooms, giving you access to your favorite tunes without bringing other gadgets into the room.

Less Is Less

Furniture, shoes, clothing: The more of it that accumulates in your bedroom, the less space you have for living. Instead of adding another—or a bigger—piece of furniture to store your growing wardrobe, eliminate the clothes that you like only on the hanger, have outgrown, have worn out or keep only because you have them. The backwards-hanger trick helps you sort out anything you haven't worn in a year so you can delegate it to the donation bin. Rotate all the hangers in your closet so they face the wrong way, and rehang each garment facing forward after you actually wear it. For a digital take on this survey process, use your smartphone to take a picture in a full-length mirror every day and inventory your closet based on your accrued images.

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