The Dos And Don'ts of Location Tagging

With the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge and Galaxy S®6 camera, bringing a picture to life is as easy as breathing—and perhaps almost as frequent. A photo here, a snapshot there, and before too long you'll have amassed a digital treasure trove of memories. Before slapping a location tag on every photo, however, remember that some situations call for a little discretion.

Don't: Share More Than You Bargained For

Just because you're eager to share with the world how good your hair is, or that cute face your puppy is making, doesn't mean you want to also share the location of your house. Before taking that picture, be sure to disable location tagging on your phone.

Do: One Hot Meal and Location, Coming Right Up

That juicy all-beef patty topped with bacon, sharp cheddar dripping off the sides, that exquisitely toasted bun!—a cheeseburger this succulent deserves not only a picture, but a location tag. Location tagging that quaint bistro ensures that your friends and followers know where to go for a post-game bite or after-work chomp.

Don't: Share Friends' Locations, Just Their Good Looks

While your sister may have made the world's most delicious cheese platter, she certainly doesn't want strangers knocking on her door asking for it. Avoid tagging pictures that include identifying information such as an apartment number or community entrance—your memoirs shouldn't overlap with someone else's privacy.

Do: Share More Than Just Amazing Sights

A salmon sun setting on the Grand Canyon, a wide selfie at a favorite band's concert, or that outright-gorgeous rest stop on the way to Grandma's house: with image stabilization and location tagging, your phone is your tool for taking and sharing unforgettable pictures of your road trip. On second thought, maybe avoid tagging the rest stops—that's one memory you can keep private.

Don't: Accidentally Tag a Child

Spending the day with a young relative is always exciting, especially when visits with the little tyke are rare. You'll likely want to capture every fun-filled moment on your phone—just make sure to keep tagging a schoolyard game.

Do: Sales are More Fun with Friends

You've fought the crowds, pouncing on the last pair of this season's newest shoes at half off. Don't keep that sweet deal to yourself—share not only your victory but the location as well. Just wait until you've purchased your prize, or your deal might become a duel.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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