Don't Bother Me While I'm Sleeping: Using Your Galaxy S6 Edge With the Screen Off

Updated May 12, 2015

Just in case a 5.1-inch curved display with a high pixel density wasn't enough, the Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge's Super AMOLED screen escapes its bounds and pours over onto each side of the phone. While you might think that more screen real estate means more “turn that thing off, I'm trying to sleep” from your partner, the edge display actually allows you to see and do plenty without lighting up the room.

Taking It to the Edge

By tapping “Apps,” “Settings” and “Edge screen,” you can customize the edge display to your sleepy whims. Start by turning edge lighting on or off. When on and the screen is face down, the edge glows gently when you receive a notification—you'll know who's active without leaving the bed, since each of your most important contacts glows with an assigned color. Switch edge lighting off to let nothing but moonlight in.

Choose Your Side

The edge screen's section of the "Settings" menu allows you to put People edge—a feed of activity from your closest contacts—and all the rest of the edge screen's features on either side of your phone. Switch between left and right sides to customize a screen-free setup with at-a-glance updates, no matter what your nightstand situation may be.

No Screen, No Problem

The edge screen's “Select notifications” menu allows you to configure exactly what sort of notifications you'll see. With everything turned on, the slim screen lets you know if you have missed calls, messages or emails while every pixel on the phone's 577 ppi front-facing screen stays dark.

The Need to Feed

The edge's night clock is the just the tip of the iceberg. Information streams on the edge, which you can manage under its “Settings” menu or collect from the “Download feeds” bar, clue you in on social media updates, the weather, sports, world news and more. After all, information is the lowest calorie midnight snack there is.

Screen-Free Responses

With Quick Reply, you can send a pre-written response message without turning your phone into a camping lantern. When you see a notification pop up on the edge, just place your finger on the heart rate sensor for two seconds to send your preset message. Now you can take care of business without interrupting any dreams.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/DemandMedia

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