Design Ideas for a Corner Entertainment Center in a Living Room

A corner entertainment unit may be a design necessity due to the size of a living room or the position of doors and windows, or it may be just the perfect way to create a cozy nest for watching movies in a larger room. Before choosing a cabinet, TV or sound system, decide where you will most often be seated. This determines the direction your entertainment system will face, the construction of the cabinet, and how your TV will be mounted.

Choosing and Positioning a Cabinet

Corners present a unique challenge when selecting a cabinet. In a small room, where the couch is close to the wall, you can place a rectangular cabinet squarely in the corner. If your couch is closer to the center of the room, it may be better to turn the cabinet diagonally so the TV and speakers face the couch. The difficulty with turning a rectangular cabinet diagonally is that it cuts down on your floor space and its position can overpower a small room. In this case, you may want to consider buying a corner cabinet. Although they are harder to find than rectangular cabinets, the diamond-shaped design allows them to fit easily into a corner to face the center of the room without losing space behind the cabinet.

Choosing a TV

In addition to all the specs you'll want to look at on a new TV, like screen size and resolution, one more spec can become important when placing a TV in the corner of the room: screen depth. Depth varies widely even between similar models. A 55-inch LED TV can be less than 2 inches deep or nearly 4 inches deep, depending on the design. Screen depth isn't usually important when you are facing a TV directly, but when it's in the corner that extra 2 inches becomes noticeable when you're in the middle of the room or walking through the door.

Mounting and Viewing Angles

Using the stand your TV comes with rather than mounting it on the wall gives you the ability to adjust its angle as needed, especially when you have two or three guests who can't all fit on the couch. If your room design requires that you mount the TV on the wall, place the TV as close to the center of the room as possible, rather than close to the corner. For a wall-mounted TV placed in the corner, viewing angles can become an issue. Viewing angles can vary, but you will generally get a better picture with a plasma display.

Positioning Speakers

If your TV is placed diagonally facing the center of the room, speaker positioning shouldn't be a problem, provided the speakers are an equal distance from the screen. A sound bar placed directly above or below the TV is compact enough to accommodate even the tightest corner. A subwoofer, like those used in most surround sound systems, should not be placed in a corner if you want it to provide you with the best quality bass. Walls, especially corners, can distort the bass. A subwoofer can generally be placed anywhere in the room, provided it's at least a foot from the wall.

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